How to Get Leaps Essence in Lost Ark

What is Leaps Essence?

Leaps Essence is an Epic-tier item that boosts Trade Skill XP and Trade Skill material gain at the cost of increased Tool Durability and Life Energy consumption. You cannot sell or dismantle Leaps Essence. Leaps Essence binds to your roster when you pick it up.

Upon use, Leaps Essence doubles the amount of XP and materials you get from using Trade Skills, but only until you consume a total of 3,000 Life Energy while using Trade Skills. Leaps Essence also doubles the amount of Tool Durability and Life Energy costs while it is active.

Leaps Essence does not work on Traps, Fish Traps, and gathering activities in Platinum Fields.

How to Get Leaps Essence

You can get Leaps Essence for free by completing Welcome challenges and daily login rewards in Lost Ark. Leaps Essence is also available in the in-game Shop for 100 Gems.

Leaps Essence is a reward for completing the Stronghold Guide: Crafting Workshop in the Trade Skill & Stronghold challenges in the Welcome Challenge. You can get 3x Leaps Essence by simply crafting an HP Potion at the Stronghold Crafting Workshop.

Another way you can get Leaps Essence is by logging in daily to Lost Ark. You don’t even have to play the game to be eligible for these rewards, as you can collect login rewards as soon as you enter the game world. However, Leaps Essence does not appear as a login reward for the Login Event, making it a less reliable way of getting Leaps Essence.

Lastly, if you don’t mind spending some real money to get Leaps Essence in Lost Ark, you can just purchase them from the in-game Shop. You can get 10x Leaps Essence for 100 Gems in the Shop.

Is Leaps Essence worth it?

Leaps Essence is a double-edged sword that carries two positive and negative effects, respectively. While Leaps Essence provides increased XP and material gain while it is active, it also deals twice as much damage to your tools and drains your Life Energy twice as much as well. Nevertheless, Leaps Essence can be very useful for farming rare materials quickly.

The increased material gain from Leaps Essence makes it a valuable item for farming mushrooms and purple flowers more efficiently. Since rare materials are less common in the game, your goal is to maximize yields per rare material node. Leaps Essence helps with that, allowing you to get twice as much material when using any Life Skill.

What is Life Energy in Lost Ark?

You can think of Life Energy as sort of a mana gauge for Life Skills in Lost Ark. When you run out of mana in the game, you will be unable to use many of your character’s skills. The same is true for Life Energy.

Without Life Energy, you cannot use Life Skills in Lost Ark. You will have to wait until your character’s Life Energy bar regenerates before you can gather resources using Life Skills again.


Leaps Essence is a valuable consumable item that can help you gather twice as many valuable resources in Lost Ark. Despite Leaps Essence’s increased tool durability and Life Energy consumption side-effect, it allows you to collect rare nodes such as mushrooms and purple flowers more efficiently.

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