Store Guide in Lost Ark

Does Lost Ark have a store?

Yes, Lost Ark has an in-game store that you can access from within the game. You can purchase skins, accessories, chests, and other items from the in-game store with Lost Ark’s store currency.

There are a ton of items for sale in the shop but fortunately, these are sorted neatly into various tabs that help you quickly find the type of items you’re looking for.

The prices for similar items are uniform as well, but you need to spend real money to purchase Store items in Lost Ark. Royal Crystals and Gold are the currencies you’ll use to purchase items in the store and the cost of these currencies can vary from one region to another.

What is worth buying from the Lost Ark shop?

There is one particular item worth spending money on in the in-game shop, and that is the Level Complete Pack/Character Achievement Chest.

The Level Complete Pack is essentially a bonus buff that gives you a chest that rewards 550+ Crystals for every 10 levels you achieve in the game. You can get as many as 2600 Crystals from the Level Complete Pack by the time your character reaches Level 50 in Lost Ark.

You do not have to worry about not getting the Crystal rewards if you’re already past a certain level by the time you purchase the Level Complete Pack. By Level 50, the Level Complete Pack will reward all 2,600 Crystals to you regardless of the level you were at when you bought it.

Many players believe the Level Complete Pack to be a very worthwhile investment in Lost Ark, as it allows you to buy character skins at a cheaper price since you’re paying with Crystals rather than Royal Crystals.

How does the shop work in Lost Ark?

The Lost Ark shop works like any other in-game shop found in many online games. In the Lost Ark store, players can exchange real money for in-game currency which they can use to purchase various store offerings such as skins, accessories, chests, and other items currently offered in the store.

Lost Ark store items are sorted through nine different tabs, namely:

  • Home – features the newest items, recommended items, and Mari’s Secret Shop offerings.
  • Rec. – Recommended items. Mostly contains chests that provide in-game bonuses.
  • Crystal – Crystal Bundles. Exchange Royal Crystals for Crystals.
  • Pack – chests containing various items such as skins, items, currency, cards, and more.
  • Skin – contains various skin offerings for all Lost Ark classes.
  • Mounts & Pet – features purchasable Mounts and Pets, along with Ship and structure cosmetics.
  • Function – contains purchasable reagents, currencies, trade packs, tickets, and more.
  • All – a single page featuring all store items.
  • Essentials – Crystalline Aura offerings.

Where is the shop in Lost Ark?

The Lost Ark Shop can be accessed via the pause menu in-game. Simply tap the ESC key on your keyboard to bring up the pause menu then click on the Shop icon in the middle of the screen.

Once you’re in the shop, you can explore the Lost Ark shop offerings through various tabs in the top part of the screen.


The Lost Ark store puts a number of items for sale for players looking to buy skins, mounts, and various other items to improve the gameplay experience in Lost Ark. If you’re thinking about getting items from the Lost Ark shop, make sure you check the in-game store for updated currency prices as these can change quite often in-game.

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