PvP Ranks in Lost Ark

Does Lost Ark have competitive PvP?

Yes, Lost Ark offers a Competitive PvP mode to all Lost Ark players provided they reach Level 26 in-game and have unlocked Luterra Castle in the main storyline. After completing the Luterra Castle arc, the ‘Rebuilding Luterra’ quest will then become available in-game.

Complete the quest and you’ll find your way to the Proving Grounds where you’ll meet Lorence who will give you a rundown on PvP.

Lost Ark’s PvP offers a handful of game modes and several ranks to progress through. You can play solo or with up to two friends in some of these game modes.

How does Lost Ark PvP work?

Lost Ark’s PvP offers four different game modes to choose from – Normal Match, Competitive Matches, Co-op Battle, and Custom Game.

Each of the four main game modes will give you three modes to choose from when playing Lost Ark PvP – Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Team Elimination.

  • Deathmatch – Deathmatch is a six-player PvP mode where all six players fight against each other simultaneously. The player that ends up with the most kills wins the match.
  • Team Deathmatch – Team Deathmatch is similar to Deathmatch, only this time around, two teams, each with three players, battle against each other to see who can get the most kills within the time limit.
  • Team Elimination – Team Elimination is a 3v3 game mode where both teams send out a player to represent their team. The player that loses the initial 1v1 match will be replaced by the second player on their team, while the winner cannot be swapped out until they die.

Normal Match is a no-stakes PvP game mode where players can enjoy any of the three modes listed above.

On the other hand, Competitive Matches are where you can earn and lose Competitive Match Average Points which dictates your ranking in Competitive PvP.

Co-op lets you group up with other players and complete quests together.

Lastly, you can create custom lobbies where you can play any of the three modes above with other players in a controlled environment.

How does Lost Ark PvP rank work?

Players are given a Competitive Match Average Score for completing PvP matches in Lost Ark. Competitive Match Average is a point system that determines what Rank you belong to in PvP.

There are seven PvP Ranks to progress through in Lost Ark Competitive PvP:

  • Bronze: 1399 or lower
  • Silver: 1400 – 1599
  • Gold: 1600 – 1799
  • Platinum: 1800 – 1999
  • Diamond: 2000 – 9999
  • Master: Top 31st to top 100th player in the region
  • Grand Master: Top 30 players in the region

Winning matches in Competitive PvP will give you more Competitive Match Average points that will help push you up the Lost Ark Competitive PvP Rankings and losing will cause you to lose some Competitive Ranking Points as well. You can gain/lose anywhere from 9-25 points depending on the average level of every player in the queue.

It is important to remember that your Competitive Match Average Score will decay if you do not play Competitive PvP for a while. So make sure you check back and play a couple of Competitive games every now and then to preserve your Competitive Match Average Score.

Is Lost Ark PvP Solo Only?

No, Lost Ark PvP can be played with up to two friends in either the Team Deatchmatch or Team Elimination game mode. There is also a solo PvP game mode called Deathmatch where six players battle against each other to claim the most kills before the match ends.

Do you need to be Level 50 to PvP Lost Ark?

You do not need to be Level 50 to play PvP in Lost Ark. You can start playing Lost Ark PvP as soon as you reach Level 26, provided you have unlocked Luterra Castle main storyline and completed the ‘Rebuilding Luterra’ mission.


You’re going to spend a ton of time in Lost Ark’s PvP mode after you’re completed the game’s main storyline. It’s important to know the ins and outs of the game mode so you’ll know what to expect from it.

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