What are Pheons and How to Get Them?

What are Pheons used for in Lost Ark?

Pheons are a special type of currency in Lost Ark that’s reserved for purchasing items from the Auction House. More specifically, Pheons are used when trying to purchase items from the Bidding tab in the Market alongside Gold.

You cannot convert other currencies such as Gold or Crystals into Pheons in Lost Ark, as it is only through other methods that you’ll be able to collect this currency in-game.

How to Get Pheons in Lost Ark?

You can get Pheons in Lost Ark from Daily Logins or by purchasing them from the Lost Ark Shop using Blue Crystals.

Lost Ark offers a Daily Login reward to entice players into logging in daily. One of the Daily Login rewards includes Pheons, so it might not be a bad idea to just log in to your Lost Ark account to claim Pheons even if you don’t plan on playing the game.

On the other hand, you can also just go to the Lost Ark store and purchase Pheons for around 850 Blue Crystals. This will get you around 100 Pheons that you can use to purchase items from the Bidding tab in the Auction House. You will find Pheons under the ‘Function’ tab in the Store.

Are Pheons important in Lost Ark?

Pheons are not essential in Lost Ark since the currency is merely used to purchase items from the Lost Ark Auction House.

With that said, the Auction House offers some good items for sale every now and then, so stocking up on Pheons so you have some to spend when the next great deal pops up is not such a bad idea.

Another reason Pheons exist is to fight off scalpers in the Auction House. By using a scarce currency as a purchase requirement in the Bidding tab, the devs hope to keep players with deep pockets from essentially going pay-to-win.

Are Pheons Bound to Roster in Lost Ark?

Pheons are bound to your Roster in Lost Ark, which means any one of your characters in your roster in your current server can use and share the Pheons between themselves.

If you have a full roster of six characters, any one of the six characters can use the Pheons to purchase items from the Bidding tab in the Auction house.

Unfortunately, Pheons are not account-wide, which means you cannot use your Pheons on other characters from a different server.

How to Use Pheons in Lost Ark?

You can use Pheons by going to the Storage Keeper in the nearest town and moving the Pheons to a character that you wish to use them on.

With the Pheons transferred, switch to the character that you want to use the Pheons on and head to the Auction House by visiting the Market Broker NPC in the nearest town. Navigate to the Bidding tab and scroll through various offerings to see if you find something worth buying.

Since you already have the Pheons transferred to your current character, you should be able to buy any item you want from the Bidding tab provided you have the required Gold and Pheon to purchase it.


Pheons have limited use in Lost Ark as the currency is only reserved as a purchase requirement when buying items from the Bidding tab in the Auction House. However, they serve the important purpose of keeping Auction House prices stable by functioning as pseudo-tax, which should make scalpers and pay-to-win hopefuls think twice.

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