How to Get More Crew Members for your Stronghold

What are Stronghold Crew Members for in Lost Ark?

Stronghold Crew members are NPCs that you can send out on dispatch missions from your Stronghold in Lost Ark. Dispatch missions are autonomous quests that require little to no supervision and can be completed even when you’re no longer logged into the game.

Stronghold Crew members can differ in terms of stats, making some Crew Members more suited for specific dispatch missions than others, so it is important to have as many as possible in your Stronghold so you can pick the best ones for dispatch quests.

Where to get Stronghold Crew Members in Lost Ark

You can sometimes get Stronghold Crew members from Visiting Merchants found in your Stronghold in Lost Ark. These Visiting Merchants will carry Stronghold Crew Application Forms occasionally, so make sure you purchase these whenever they show up.

Aside from Visiting Merchants, you can also get Stronghold Crew Members by trading Mokoko Seeds for Sailors after you unlock the sailing islands or by improving your rapport with sailors such as Cals and Blackfang.

How to use Stronghold Crew in Lost Ark

Stronghold Crew members are mainly used for dispatch missions in Lost Ark. When taking on dispatch missions, pick a Mission from the Station list then pick a crew member from your Stronghold Crew list that best suits the quest at hand.

Dispatch Missions take around two hours to complete and can net you various rewards such as Stronghold materials and XP.

Differences between Stronghold Crew and Ship Crew in Lost Ark

Stronghold Crews are mainly used for dispatch quests while Ship Crews are assigned to your ship of choice to improve your ship’s speed and ability to survive sea conditions.

Both Crew types take on different functions in-game but both are essential in making sure you can get more materials efficiently (Stronghold Crew) and improve your ship’s seaworthiness (Ship Crew)


Stronghold Crew members are valuable NPCs that allow you to take on dispatch quests in Lost Ark. These crew members can be hard to come by since they can only be acquired through Visiting Merchants, events, and rapport, so make sure you pick them up whenever they are available.

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