What is Counter in Lost Ark

What does Counter mean in Lost Ark?

Counter is a Skill Effect you can use to interrupt specific boss attacks in Lost Ark. The Counter effect for each skill is automatically applied when you use skills that possess Counter in the game. You can find Counter in numerous class skills as each class will have at least one skill with a Counter effect.

The game has many other Skill Effects such as Stagger, Super Armor, Weak Point, Front Attack, and Back Attack, all of which make boss fights and other combat engagements more nuanced.

Lost Ark Class Counter Skills List

Almost every class in Lost Ark will have at least one Counter Skill in their arsenal. Below is a full list of all the class skills that carry the Counter effect.

  • Berserker: Chainsword
  • Destroyer: Dreadnought, Power Strike
  • Gunlancer: Bash, Dash Upper Fire
  • Paladin: Holy Sword, Executor’s Sword
  • Arcana: Serendipity
  • Summoner: Unleashed Will
  • Bard: Rhythm Buckshot
  • Sorceress: Squall
  • Wardancer/Striker: Spiral Impact, Sky Shattering Bow
  • Scrapper: Instant hit, Roundup Sweep
  • Soul Fist: Bolting Crash, Lightning Palm
  • Lancer/Glaivier: Vault
  • Battle Monk: Skybreaker Slash, Spiral Impact
  • Dealthblade: Headhunt, Earth Cleaver
  • Shadowhunter: Rising Claw, Death Claw
  • Reaper: Shadow Trap
  • Deadeye: Last Request
  • Artillerist: Napalm Shot, Swing
  • Sharpshooter: Evasive Fire, Deadly Slash
  • Machinist: Backflip Strike, Echelon Beam
  • Gunslinger: Peacekeeper, Last Request

How do Counter Attacks work in Lost Ark?

A successful Counter will disrupt a boss’ next move, causing it to become somewhat stunned and leaving it more susceptible to incoming damage for a few seconds.

You will typically encounter counter-attack opportunities against bosses and more powerful monsters in PvE in Lost Ark. In Guardian Raids, Abyss Raids, and Legion Raids, bosses will sometimes glow blue briefly before unleashing a powerful move. If you successfully land Counter skill while they’re glowing blue, you have a chance of disrupting their next move and causing them to become open to incoming attacks briefly.

It is worth noting, however, that you must use Counter skills directly in front of the boss, or the Counter will not work. The Counter window only lasts for a few seconds (1-2 seconds), so it is important that you position your character near the front of the boss and use your Counter as soon as it turns blue.

Are Counter Skills Important?

Counter Skills are valuable in Lost Ark. Successful Counter attacks will leave the boss stunned or knocked for a few seconds, giving your entire team a small window to unleash your most powerful attacks on the boss for massive damage.

Counter is especially important in PvE content such as Legion Raids. In fact, some Legion Raids require players to consistently Counter the boss’ blue move or risk getting wiped completely.


Counter is arguably one of the most important Skill Effects in Lost Ark, as it has the ability to disrupt boss moves and leave them unable to retaliate or defend themselves for a few seconds. The small window provided by a successful Counter should give you and your teammates enough time to deal a huge chunk of damage to the boss, making the dungeon run a lot easier.

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