What is Weak Point in Lost Ark

What does Weak Point do in Lost Ark?

Weak Point is a Skill Effect that deals damage to an enemy’s Weak Point HP, which, when depleted completely, can disrupt enemy moves, weaken enemy armor, or even break enemy body parts.

Aside from Weak Point, there are five other Skill Effects in Lost Ark. These include Front Attack, Back Attack, Counter, Stagger, and Super Armor. Skill Effects are typically utilized in battles against Guardian Raid and Dungeon bosses in Lost Ark.

What are Weak Point Levels?

Weak Point has up to five different Levels in Lost Ark, where a higher level deals more Weak Point damage. Essentially, the higher your skill’s Weak Point Level, the faster you can deplete the enemy’s Weak Point HP.

Unfortunately, there is no way to increase Weak Point Levels in Lost Ark, as Weak Point damage is permanent and constant throughout a skill’s levels. Your character’s skills are stuck with the Weak Point level they come with by default.

How to Use Weak Point?

Weak Point is a passive attribute tied to specific skills in Lost Ark, so using skills with Weak Point attribute should automatically apply Weak Point damage to your targets as long as you hit the enemy’s Weak Point body parts. (the Lava Turtle Guardian’s shell, for example). Look for a crosshair icon on Guardian Raid and Dungeon Bosses and deal damage to those parts with Weak Point to deal Weak Point damage.

Deal enough damage to the enemy’s Weak Point body parts, and you will eventually “break” these body parts, which causes the enemy to become staggered or vulnerable. The “broken” part won’t stay broken for long, as the boss will eventually regenerate the part later in the fight.

Weak Point is a very enemy-dependent mechanic in Lost Ark as there are only certain types of enemies ( bosses) that possess “hard” parts that you can “break” to either stagger the boss briefly or deal extra damage to them while their “hard” parts are broken. Some bosses that possess hard armor include Kaiser (leg armor), Chromanium (shell), Achates (wings), and Yoho of Dark Night (tail.)

Skills aren’t the only way to deal Weak Point damage, however, as you can also use a Destruction Bomb to deal Weak Point Lvl. 3 damage to enemies. You can also use another item called the Corrosive Bomb to debuff your enemy and increase the Weak Point damage they receive by one level.

How do I know if my character’s abilities have Weak Point?

Hover your mouse over your character’s skills in the skill menu to view a complete list of attributes and effects for each skill. If your character’s skills possess Weak Point, the attribute should show up just under the skill’s effect summary in the top part of the window.


Unlike other Combat Mechanics in Lost Ark, Weak Point is less prominent as the enemies where you can utilize Weak Point damage are limited to Guardian Raids and some Dungeons. Nevertheless, knowing how Weak Point works and which skills can deal Weak Point damage will help you maximize your effectiveness in battle and make Guardian Raids and other boss fights much easier to work with.

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