Where to Get Eternity Essence in Lost Ark?

What is Eternity Essence?

Eternity Essence is a Rare Tier item in Lost Ark that gives 1,500 Card XP Enhancement Points.

Card XP Enhancement Points boost a Card’s XP, allowing you to Awaken it to grant more powerful bonuses to your character in Lost Ark. Eternity Essence will be added to your Card XP

Enhancement Points pool in the Card Enhancement menu upon use.

Eternity Essence binds to your roster on pickup, and you cannot dismantle Eternity Essence. You cannot trade Eternity Essence, but you can sell it for a piece of silver.

How to get Eternity Essence

You can get Eternity Essence in multiple ways in Lost Ark. The most common source of Eternity Essence are Card Packs, such as the Basic Experience Card Pack and Launch Celebration Card XP Pack.

You can get Eternity Essence from Cube Chests or purchase them from NPCs for 2,000 Pirate Coins. In addition, some high-level enemies, such as Caspiel, Casrick, or Salt Giant will also drop Eternity Essence after you beat them.

How to use Eternity Essence?

Bring up your Inventory by pressing the “I” button on your keyboard, then scroll through your items to find the Eternity Essence. Eternity Essence should look like a purple card with a blue bottle insignia.

Right-click the Eternity Essence to use the item, and add 1,500 Card XP to your Card XP Balance in the Cards menu. Within the Cards menu, use the slider to allocate some or all of the 1,500 Card XP you gained from Eternity Essence.

Is Eternity Essence worth it?

Eternity Essence is worth it as it allows you to level up your favorite Cards in Lost Ark. Higher level cards provide greater bonuses to your character and will allow you to reach a higher set level using fewer cards.

Use Eternity Essence to level up your favorite card and enhance the card’s bonuses through the Cards Menu in-game.


You will need as much help as you can from various stat bonuses to keep your character in tip-top shape in Lost Ark. Cards are just one of many ways to enhance your character’s stats, and with the help of Eternity Essence, you can level up your favorite cards to give even more stat bonuses.

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