Best Place For Foraging in Lost Ark

What is Foraging?

Foraging is a Trade Skill in Lost Ark where you gather flowers, plants, and mushrooms and use them to craft Potions and Bombs. This Trade Skill is one of 6 Trade Skills in Lost Ark alongside, Mining, Logging, Fishing, Hunting, and Excavating.

Foraging requires a Foraging Tool, which you can acquire from your Stronghold, Processor, or the Trade Skill Tool Merchant. The type of materials you can get from Foraging will depend on the tool you use, your Trade Skill level, the plant you forage, or whether you have a Special Trade Skill ability.

How to unlock Foraging?

You can unlock Foraging after you complete the chain of tutorial quests in Lakebar Village. You must complete the Crown of Lakebar mission first to trigger the rest of the tutorial quests and then follow the quest order, and you’ll have your first experience in Foraging.

Aside from Foraging, you can unlock other Trade Skills such as Mining, Logging, Fishing, Hunting, and Excavating. All of which will allow you to gather various materials for Crafting and Gear Upgrades.

Best place for Foraging

There are multiple Foraging locations in Lost Ark. You can find these easily through a leaf icon on the map. Ideally, a good Foraging location will have little to no mobs and offer multiple other Foraging spots you can move to after Foraging a specific area.

In the early game, The Medrick Monastry area is one of the better foraging locations in West Luterra. This area offers a ton of foraging plants and little to no mobs. Another great Foraging spot is Dyorika Plain in East Luterra. (Monterque Manor and Monterque Ranch). Croconys Shore is also a great spot for Foraging in East Luterra.

Lullaby Island, Smile Island, and Orvis Island are great Foraging Islands where you can get flowers and mushrooms. Foraging within these three islands yields a small chance of getting Exquisite Flowers and Mushrooms.

How do you level up Foraging fast in Lost Ark?

You can level up your Foraging Trade Skill faster by going to Lullaby Island. Lullaby Island is a great place for Foraging due to the absence of enemies in the area, allowing you to pick up Foraging nodes without being disturbed.

After you pick up all the flowers in the area, you can force them to respawn by switching channels. You can do this by clicking on the dropdown arrow in the upper right corner of the map. Look for a channel with a green light, as this channel has the least number of players on it.


Foraging is an important aspect of Lost Ark, as it allows you to craft materials such as potions that are important in the endgame. Therefore you must level up your Foraging Trade Skill as quickly as possible so you can gain access to higher-quality nodes later on.

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