Confirmed: PS5 Will Be Backwards Compatible

According to statements made by Mark Cerny (system architect), he verifies that PS5 is “almost fully” backward compatible.

Backward compatibility has always been controversial. Whether for sentimental reasons or because it would be a shame if your previous gen’s games will soon be unsuitable for current gen’s console, thus wasting money.

When a new generation of console is announced, one of the most worrying questions would be whether your last-gen games will work with it.

It may be disappointing to be unable to play your favorite last-generation game, not to mention excellent games are still being launched before and after the next-generation system.

For instance, I’m downloading Ghost of Tsushima while I write this piece, and considering the game’s size, I doubt I’ll be playing it by the time the PS5 is released.

Spider-Man from Marvel might be compatible

As long as you have an active and up-to-date membership, your digital PlayStation 4 game catalog via PS Plus will be entirely compatible with PS5.

Additionally, Cerny reaffirmed that your game discs would work with the system if you buy the bigger PS5 capable of playing disc media.

The PS5 and PSVR are claimed to be compatible, and the “Boost Mode” on the PS5 may even enable certain games to run more quickly and smoothly.

Sony hasn’t formally confirmed though, if older platforms like the PS2 and PS3 are compatible.

Going back to certain classic games is not just entertaining but most of all, nostalgic.

This week, I have immensely enjoyed streaming “X-Com: Enemy Within” on the PS3 through PS Now.

Who knows, in a few months’ time, I’d feel like reminiscing about Marvel’s Spider Man fun again.

Thus, it is both thrilling and relieving when a publisher verifies backward compatibility with prior games.

The majority of PS4 titles will be PS5 compatible at the time of the console’s introduction, according to Cerny, the system architect for the PlayStation 5.

PS5 will be compatible with PS4 PS Plus games

However, because they are streamed and not built-in in PS5, playing with a PS Now subscription should work fine with PS1, PS2, and PS3 games.

While PS4 games like Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption, and The Last of Us Part 2 are excellent, I am sure more excellent games will be available when said device launches.

Just like Microsoft’s backward compatibility implementation with Xbox One, Sony has earned further respect from PS users when they officially committed enough attention towards this feature.

Additionally, I predict that similar to the PS4; we will eventually see PS4 classics remastered on the PS5.

We can only assume this at the moment, but this may contain Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part 2.

In a magnificent video game showcase staged by Sony last month, the PlayStation 5 was unveiled.

The “The Future of Gaming” announcement event included brand-new games, including Gran Turismo 7, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and a fresh Ratchet and Clank chapter.

The fact that there would be 2 variants of the console was not only a pleasant, but a complete surprise as well.

One will have a 4K Blu-ray player for disc media while the other will only be available digitally.

The demand for further information and articles regarding the PS5 has gone viral since the event, forcing Sony to produce more than its target output.

Sony is yet to officially announce pricing, even though we’re now practically aware everything about the console.

The release date for the PlayStation 5 hasn’t been announced yet, although it’s expected to happen this Christmas.

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