Disintegration Review – A Game With Both Potential & Room For Improvement

Disintegration Game Review: A superb strategic shooter from the Halo co-creator that strives to be two games in one but falls short in all areas.

Every now and then, a game appears that rejects convention in favor of trying something new.

The game in question is called Disintegration.

Disintegration, a video game created by V1 Interactive and released by Take-Two Interactive, has split players since its release this week.

The two very distinct playstyles it seeks to imprint upon you are more important than its execution, which is rather good considering that this is the studio’s debut game.

The game, which was directed by Marcus Lehto, a co-creator of Halo, first envisioned it as a completely different game.

A real-time strategy game with just an isometric viewpoint was what Halo was originally intended to be.

Due to the increased capabilities of the original Xbox, Halo changed over time from a real-time strategy game to a fourth shooter and finally to the modern 3D first-person action game that we know and love.

Disintegration was once a real-time strategy game but has now evolved into a hybrid of that first mech shooter and an RTS.

The action is seen from the first-person viewpoint as the player controls a “Grav Cycle” and engages in a fight.

The Grav Cycle point of view serves as an interactive cam in a combat support function, making the game’s core basically an RTS game.

Right there and then, this presentation personally didn’t appeal to me and I would have loved a choice of playstyle, you’ll eventually get over it as you play and get accustomed to it.

The plot, which takes place 150 years in the future and centers on a band of rebels, has a gloomy, futuristic feel to it.

In reaction to society’s breakdown brought on by climate change (ikr, mainstream), scientists have created a brain-to-machine transfer procedure known as the “Integration.”

The theory is that a mechanical body wouldn’t need the resources which a biological one would, which are now in short supply.

I see this game starting a new series or even genre and turning into something of a cult classic.

Even though V1 Interactive attempted to combine two different game genres into one, attempting to play as both doesn’t work, yet each is fantastic on its own.

The game’s AI system and various components may come frustrating at times while still being enjoyable at some point.

A team of just 30 developers at V1 may be proud of the tactical gameplay advancement Disintegration.

Romer and Grav Cycle of Disintegration

Romer Shoal, the primary protagonist of the game, teams up with Wagonner, who just so happens to have an extra “Grav Cycle,” to lead a gang of rebels over Rayonne after fleeing a facility.

In the main campaign of the game, Romer completes tasks via the Grav Cycle.

Disintegration Rayonne Soldier

Humans were requested to temporarily integrate to free up resources.

However, Rayonne, a ferocious band of integrated troops, carried out a coup and seized control of the rest of the globe.

While in power, they used forced integration to grow their army and maintain control over everybody.

Grav Cycle – Disintegration 

The Grav Cycle’s ability to go quite a distance in the air is one of its primary advantages.

This enables you to evaluate the battlefield as though you were playing Command & Conquer or, more appropriately, Rome: Total War.

You will experience the well-known sense of success when you master the game’s structure and start to succeed in tasks since this game is not simple.

You may guide your soldiers to the game’s several advantage spots or locations of concealment.

Being an RTS, you must act swiftly to prevent the adversary from advancing on you with amazing speed and precision.

I discovered that playing just as an RTS suited me & my playstyle the best.

Controls for Disintegration

The controls for The Grav Cycle are conventional, and the game plays like a regular mech game.

The left shoulder button on an Xbox One controller are used to control direction while the thumbsticks are used to adjust altitude.

As might be expected, pulling the right trigger discharges the main weapon that is attached.

However, the game’s strategy element is taken into account here. Normally, the left and right triggers would be utilized for altitude.

In addition to controlling each unit’s special assault when used in conjunction with a D-Pad direction, the right bumper button is utilized to lead soldiers on the ground.

Concussion grenades, rocket launchers, and thing area of effect weapons are just a few examples of special assaults.

The game’s idea is solid, but Disintegration struggles with trying to be two different genres at once.

You would consider it to be a positive thing, but while playing a mission, it seems as if each game type is vying for dominance.

You will likely choose to use one playstyle over the other since it is difficult to combine the two.

The reason for this is because opponents will attack you from all sides in the game’s combat, which is highly brutal.

The Outlaws of Disintegration 

It’s simply too much to try and control ground soldiers while firing on adversaries from your Grav Cycle.

There is so much happening that you will frequently find yourself aiming your view towards ground soldiers to keep them safe as your Grav Cycle receives damage from the flank.

On the other hand, you can get hostile and start firing the Grav Cycle’s weaponry while the ground forces are being wiped off.

Although there is some AI fighting for ground soldiers, they will not utilize special attacks on their own initiative.

If you aren’t there to essentially watch over them, this results in them being practically wiped out.

Area of Disintegration – Missions
The most enjoyable approach was playing as a strategy game and afterwards assisting with the Grav Cycle, which I believe the game’s creators may have intended.

In contrast, if you play first-person shooter video games, you may plunge in and start blasting away at foes, but you must always be aware of where your soldiers are in order to support them.

While fighting, you may attempt to play both games simultaneously, but it won’t end well.

However, either technique is a lot of fun. You just have to choose one and stay with it.

The actual Grav Cycles itself are available in three varieties and may be modified with additional tools and skills.

There are lighter, slower Grav Cycles featuring stronger weaponry that are quicker and more agile and heavier, slower Grav Cycles.

As the game goes on, your squad grows, and selecting the correct soldiers for battle is a crucial skill.

There are several classes, each with their powers and weaponry, like Grav Cycles.

The gameplay of Disintegration Combat: Mission Error

Since they will only perish and the operation would be a failure, it would have been nice if the ground forces had some stronger AI instincts and participated in fight a bit more actively.

It would not be fair to just place the responsibility on the AI engine and the game.

Disintegration is a challenging game that calls on quick thinking and responsiveness to shifting circumstances.

Although the game’s mechanism has flaws, it is ultimately your responsibility to plan and strategically schedule assaults.

After all, this is a strategic game, right?

Despite not being entirely innovative, the plot and game environment are presented wonderfully and the game moves along at a decent clip.

By the time the game is out, you’ll feel you’ve come to know some of the characters thanks to the well-executed character-building elements.

With the well-planned backstory and storyline twists, this has clearly laid the groundwork for a sequel in the future.

Although it may not be flawless, the scale and ambitions of this game are undoubtedly unique, and I believe there will be significant advancements in the future.

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