2 PS4 & Switch Exclusives Hit Xbox Game Pass

By | 26/03/2021

The trend of console exclusives making their way to other platforms continues as 2 PS4 and Nintendo exclusives come to Xbox Game Pass.

There seems to be no end to the multitude of game services available at the moment and each platform contains a vast selection of great games from which to choose.

Whether you prefer PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo there is an array of exclusive content to each console that attracts specific gamers.

PlayStation is known for their great epics such as Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War while Xbox has iconic titles such as Halo.

Nintendo gamers are treated to all kinds of zany games but some standout titles include the large selection of games from the Mario and Zelda series.

Exclusives usually remain on one console or another but we have recently seen the trend begin to curve.

For example, Horizon Zero Dawn, a PS4 exclusive and a Sony production made its way to Steam last year for PC users to purchase.

It has also been announced that Sony plans to continue this and more PS4 exclusives will make their way to Xbox and PC.

This week, 2 PS4 and Switch exclusive titles have been added to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service:

  • Yakuza 6
  • Octopath Traveler

Yakuza 6 is the latest in the series’ main installments and is considered the best so far while Octopath Traveller is an RPG game that captures old nostalgia and new technology.

Yakuza 6

Published by Sega, the Yakuza series is hugely popular in Japan with a cult-like following in the UK and the US.

Yakuza 6 Xbox Game Pass
The Best in the Series so Far Comes to Xbox Game Pass

The series focuses on beat ‘em up action with a strong emphasis on story and character progression and also some quirky in-game features.

The story follows Kazuma Kiryu as he fights brutal crime lords and corrupt police alike on the mean streets of Japan and is now in its sixth chapter.

Yakuza 6 sees Kazuma trying to find out what has happened to his daughter after waking up in the hospital from a coma following the events of Yakuza 5.

Gameplay is typical of a Yakuza game, with many action scenes, cut-scenes, and emotional segments that aim to deliver character pathos.

Although Kazuma is a criminal, he is essentially an anti-hero with strong family bonds and relationships which have been formed throughout the series.

Some of the quirky in-game features include “Play Spots” that allow you to play real Sega games such as Virtua Fighter, Space Harrier, and Puyo Puyo. 

Octopath Traveler

Published by Square Enix, Octopath Traveler is described as an “HD-2D” game because of its intuitive isometric perspective with highly detailed visuals.

Octopath Traveler Xbox Game Pass
Nintendo Style RPG now on Xbox Game Pass

Perhaps to regain a sense of nostalgia or as a fun quirk, the game’s visual presentation is a blend of old and new.

The game world is made from a modern, high-polygon 3D environment in an isometric view while the game’s characters are rendered as retro 2D sprites.

The game is an RPG adventure that allows you to control one of eight characters at a time while traversing a harsh world filled with dangers. 

Traditional turn-based battles make up the bulk of the game but each character offers something new when exploring with unique “Path” options when interacting with NPCs.

Path options open up a new dialog when interacting but can cause NPCs to ignore a character if not handled properly.

The story is a typical RPG story that sees the eight characters on quests with their own objectives which can become intermingled with each other according to progression.

Making exclusive titles available on other platforms is a great step forward in lifting the boundaries between each system but more could be done.

It doesn’t seem fair to make some people wait for a long time to play a game just because they don’t have the right console when a game isn’t a first-party development.

Understandably, first-party exclusives are what attracts a potential fan base to a machine, but signing exclusivity deals with developers seems archaic at this point.

If the aim of developers is to provide a solid gameplay experience for all, then they really need to start thinking about where their loyalty lies.

With the customer or the corporation?

2 thoughts on “2 PS4 & Switch Exclusives Hit Xbox Game Pass

  1. Matthew/Deloris

    There is no end to these games they have so many to choose from and with us being home more we are trying to find the right game console to purchase.
    We think that the x-box has always seemed like a go-to when we are talking about games.
    Is the x-box box better than the PS4 we are trying to decide which one will last longer for the future we are trying to keep it for a long time.
    Got some more questions do the PS4 games work with the old PS3 and down consoles?
    If we purchase x-box games can we play with other people online and or is this if you just have the internet to connect to the x-box?
    Trying to figure out everything before we purchase games and any console but these games look fun and interesting to us and enticing to watch.


    1. Michael Gore Post author

      PS4 games will not work on PS3 but you can play select PS3 games on a PS4 with a PS Now subscription. PS4 games will work on PS5.

      To play online with other people you will need an Xbox Live subscription, which is also a requirement for many games. It can be charged monthly, but you can save a lot by paying for a year in one go:


      Anything else I can help with then just ask.



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