Is the Bubble Blaster any good in Enter the Gungeon?

What does the Bubble Blaster do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Bubble Blaster is an automatic C-rank gun that shoots out short-range slow-moving bubbles in Enter the Gungeon. 

Each bubble deals 12 damage and persists for a few seconds before they eventually pop and disperse. Players can carry up to 500 rounds of Bubble Blaster ammo with a magazine size of 100. 

The bubbles leave behind pools of water whenever they hit enemies but do not have any effect whatsoever. When reloading, the Bubble Blaster lets out a burp that causes any standing bubbles to be pushed forward.

Is the Bubble Blaster a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Bubble Blaster is, without a doubt, a fun weapon, but it is a meme-tier weapon that requires far too much effort to get value out of in Enter the Gungeon. 

As a C-rank weapon, the Bubble Blaster does not inflict a great deal of damage to enemies. And despite its rapid-fire nature, the bubbles that the Bubble Blaster unleashes do not travel very far and will eventually stay in place before ultimately busting away. 

In addition, players need to get close to enemies to get any value out of the Bubble Blaster (we’re talking about close to melee range here, by the way.) Things get a bit easier if the enemies are chasing since they can run into the standing bubbles that players have shot earlier. 

Unfortunately, not every enemy will be chasing after you, so you might have to risk HP to even land a few bubbles on your enemies with the Bubble Blaster. 

Best Synergy for Bubble Blaster in Enter The Gungeon

The Bubble Blaster has two known Synergies in Enter the Gungeon: Bubble Trouble and Get Equipped With -B-

Bubble Trouble

The C-rank Siren is a shotgun that fires three water bullets that deal six damage each. When Synergized with the Bubble Blaster, Siren will fire a single large shot instead of three smaller ones for 18 damage. 

On the other hand, Bubble Blaster’s bubbles also gain the unique ability to home in on enemies when the Bubble Trouble Synergy is active. 

Get Equipped With -B-

With Megaman’s handgun, Megahand, and Bubble Blaster equipped, the Get Equipped With -B- Synergy will become active. Get Equipped With -B- gives Megahand the ability to fire uncharged Bubble Blaster shots in conjunction with its charged shots. 

The player can switch between Megahand’s Bubble Lead mode and Normal mode by reloading the Megahand with a full magazine. 

Helix Bullets

If the player has the Helix Bullets passive item, Bubble Blaster will fire two bubbles that move at an improved speed versus the usual Bubble Blaster projectile speed. 

Helix Bullets can also affect the Bubble Blaster’s reload effect and pushes nearby bubbles at high speeds.

How to Use the Bubble Blaster in Enter The Gungeon?

The Bubble Blaster is a short-range gun that fires slow-moving bubbles in Enter the Gungeon. With that in mind, the Bubble Blaster works best when used in close-quarters engagements and for situations where the enemies are running after the player. 

Alternatively, the Bubble Blaster can be used as a trap weapon where the player leaves behind a group of bubbles and lures enemies towards the bubbles for decent damage. 

The Bubble Blaster should work best when in Synergy with the Siren, which will give the Bubble Blaster bubbles that home in enemies. 


The Bubble Blaster is a very quirky gun that requires careful thought and positioning to unlock its full potential in Enter the Gungeon. However, even when you have figured out the best way to use the Bubble Blaster in Enter the Gungeon, there are other guns that offer more value for less effort in the C-rank. 

Nevertheless, the Bubble Blaster is a fun gun that players will enjoy in Enter the Gungeon. Don’t expect to take out the Bullet King with the Bubble Blaster, though.

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