Is the Flare Gun any good in Enter The Gungeon?

enter the gungeon flare gun

What does the Flare Gun do in Enter The Gungeon?

Flare Gun is a D-rank semi-automatic gun in Enter the Gungeon. The Flare Gun features long-range flare rounds that deal 13 damage to enemies on hit and sports just one magazine with max ammo of 150 rounds. 

The Flare Gun’s pièce de résistance is its ability to set enemies on fire for additional Burn damage, which can make the Flare Gun even more powerful in Synergy with other items in Enter the Gungeon (more on this later)

Is the Flare Gun a good weapon in Enter The Gungeon?

On its own, the Flare Gun is a D-rank weapon with below-average raw damage and an average fire rate. However, thanks to the Flare Gun’s long-range and Burn chance, the gun can be a pretty decent long-range damage dealer that players can use against all types of enemies in Enter the Gungeon. 

Best Synergy for Flare Gun in Enter The Gungeon

Emergency Help

If players have a Medkit in their inventory alongside the Flare Gun, a Synergy called Emergency Help will activate, which gives the Flare Gun the following features:

  • 66% faster reload time
  • 50% more damage
  • Random explosions around enemies that deal damage to all units in the proximity.

The Medkit will give the Flare Gun a much-needed boost in raw damage and improve its reload time significantly. The random explosions are a nice touch, but it can be a double-edged sword since the player can also be affected by the explosions. 

Firing With Flair (Best Synergy)

The Flare Gun will turn green and will gain a 100% chance to burn non-boss-level enemies permanently (Hellfire) in Synergy with the following items:

  • Amulet of the Pit Lord
  • Master of Unlocking
  • Copper Ammolet
  • Springheel Boots

In addition, if the player also has the passive item Hot Lead in their inventory, the burn effect from the Hot Lead and Firing With Flair Synergy will count as two separate burn instances.

Firing With Flair is arguably the best Synergy for the Flare Gun because of the persistent Burn damage (Hellfire) it deals with non-boss enemies. When augmented with the Hot Lead passive item, the Flare Gun can fire powerful damage-over-time rounds that can melt even the toughest non-boss enemies in Enter the Gungeon. 

Solar Flare

The Solar Flare Synergy will give the Flare Gun comet-rounds that can push enemies along its bullet path and explode upon wall impact. The explosion will leave a burning effect on any walls hit by the comet rounds but will not deal any damage whatsoever. 

Players can activate the Solar Flare Synergy if they have the Mr. Accretion Jr. passive item in their inventory alongside the Flare Gun. 

How to Use the Flare Gun in Enter The Gungeon?

To use the Flare Gun to its full potential, players will want to keep their distance from enemies and take advantage of the gun’s exceptional range and decent fire rate. The goal is to land as many shots from afar and hope that the Flare rounds eventually set the targets on fire for extra Burn damage. 

When combined with what is arguably the best Flare Gun Synergy – Firing With Flair and Hot Lead – the Flare Gun can deal permanent damage over time to any non-boss enemy, which should make room-clearing easier in Enter the Gungeon. 


On its own, the Flare Gun is a below-average D-rank weapon that deals low raw damage. If it were not for the Flare Gun’s Burn chance, Enter the Gungeon players wouldn’t even think about pulling out the Flare Gun in-game.

Fortunately, some of its Synergies, such as Firing With Flair, can give the D-rank gun a much-needed boost in overall DPS and help make the Flare Gun a more viable gun with decent room-clearing potential in Enter the Gungeon. 

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