What does the Weird Egg do in Enter The Gungeon?

enter the gungeon weird egg

What does the Weird Egg do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Weird Egg is an active item in Enter the Gungeon that carries a variety of effects. The Weird Egg is a single-use item that can be utilized in three different ways:

  • Consume the egg and restore your character to full health
  • Throw it on the ground, shoot it, and hope it spawns a decent gun (otherwise, destroying the egg will spawn a random slug-looking thing)
  • Hatch the egg and spawn an Ancient Serpent that will fight alongside the player.

However, as you will read about later in this article, the Serpent carries a twist that will unlock a special achievement in Enter the Gungeon. 

Is the Weird Egg a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Weird Egg is an amazing item in Enter the Gungeon that offers good versatility and a few key benefits in-game at a very affordable price. 

If they are up for the challenge, players can try and carry the Weird Egg for a few consecutive floors to secure a decent gun in-game. Depending on how many consecutive floors the player can carry the Weird Egg, the player can get either a C-B-tier gun or an A-S-tier gun in-game. 

Alternatively, players can consume the Weird Egg and restore full HP instantly. 

Best Synergy for Weird Egg in Enter The Gungeon

There are only two known Synergies for the Weird Egg in Enter the Gungeon – Phoenix Up and Two Eggs Over Easy.

Phoenix Up (Best Synergy)

If the player has a Weird Egg in their inventory alongside the D-tier semi-automatic gun Phoenix, a Synergy called Phoenix Up will be activated where the player will summon a phoenix companion that will fire at enemy targets. 

Two Eggs Over Easy

The Scrambler – a C-tier semi-automatic gun that fires bullets that turn into five homing bullets – and the Weird Egg will activate a Synergy called Two Eggs Over Easy. 

Two Eggs Over Easy will cause The Scrambler’s shots to inflict a poison effect on enemies hit by The Scrambler’s homing shots. 

How to Use the Weird Egg in Enter The Gungeon?

The Weird Egg is one of the quirkiest active items in Enter the Gungeon, as players can use the item in three different ways and get some decent bonuses from the item in-game. 

The safest way to use the Weird Egg is for its regenerative capability. Players can consume the Weird Egg to restore full HP – very useful in a pinch and need a quick HP boost. 

Another way players can use the Weird Egg in Enter the Gungeon is by simply holding the active item for 2-4 floors in-game. After which, players can destroy the Weird Egg to spawn either a C-B-tier gun (when held for two consecutive floors) or an A-S-tier gun (when held for four consecutive floors)

Lastly, players can also opt to drop the Weird Egg into any fire goop and hatch it to spawn an Ancient Serpent. Players must take care not to try and hatch the egg where there are active enemies in the room, as they can destroy the egg before it even hatches. 

After the Weird Egg hatches, the player must feed the Ancient Serpent a gun to Awaken it. After which, the Ancient Serpent will follow the player around and block enemy bullets.

Once the player decides to take on the Dragun, the Ancient Serpent will abandon the player and fight on the Dragun’s side, forming the Advanced Dragun.

Beating the Advanced Dragun will unlock the Advanced Slayer achievement in Enter the Gungeon. Players can purchase the Weird Egg from shops for 16 Bronze Shells or collect them from chests. 


Overall, the Weird Egg is worth every bronze shell it is worth when purchased from shops, yet even more valuable if players manage to pick one up from chests in Enter the Gungeon. 

The player can use the Weird Egg however they wish. Nevertheless, holding the Weird Egg for four consecutive floors might just be the player’s key to acquiring an endgame-tier gun in Enter the Gungeon, which can help speed up room-clearing in-game.

When the player is ready for it, they can opt to hatch the Weird Egg into an Advanced Serpent, take it to the High Dragun to form the Advanced Dragun, and beat the boss to acquire the Advanced Slayer achievement. 

There is more than one way to prepare an egg – the same is true for the Weird Egg in Enter the Gungeon

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