Enter the Gungeon – Chamber Gun

What does the Chamber Gun do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Chamber Gun is a C-rank gun in Enter the Gungeon that can alter its firing mode and appearance depending on which floor you are on the Gungeon.

The Chamber gun can change appearance and firing mode up to 10 times in Enter the Gungeon. Aside from the chance in looks and firing mode, the Chamber gun will also change its Max Ammo capacity accordingly. Reload times also vary depending on the current fire mode and its DPS, Fire Rate, and Damage output.

Is the Chamber Gun a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Chamber Gun is a very good gun considering its low rank in Enter the Gungeon, and it gets even better as you make your way to more challenging chambers in the Gungeon such as Abbey of the True Gun, Forge, and, most importantly, Bullet Hell.

For the rest of the chambers in the Gungeon, you might encounter more powerful guns that can give you much better value and efficiency for clearing rooms in the Gungeon. But when it counts the most, you can rely on the Chamber Gun to deal boatloads of damage in-game.

Best Synergy for the Chamber Gun in Enter The Gungeon

The Chamber Gun can only Synergize with the Master Round to activate the Master’s Chambers Synergy in Enter the Gungeon.

Master’s Chambers

The Master’s Chambers Synergy between the Chamber Gun and the Master Round will remove the Chamber Gun’s floor dependence on the Gungeon. Instead of switching modes based on which floor you’re currently on, you cycle through each of the Chamber Gun’s modes by reloading with a full magazine.

How to Use the Chamber Gun in Enter The Gungeon?

How you can use the Chamber Gun in the Gungeon depends entirely on which floor you’re currently on.

  • Keep of the Lead Lord – single-target semi-automatic
  • Oubliette – fires skulls that inflict poison
  • Gungeon Proper – close-range shotgun
  • Abbey of the True Gun – crossbow with piercing properties
  • Black Powder Mine – a melee-range drill that deals damage
  • Resourceful Rat’s Lair – rocket launcher that fires cheese wheels. Inflicts a special effect called “encheese” which slows enemies and freezes them if they’re slowed enough times.
  • Hollow – fires ice cubes that bounce. Leaves a trail of water and eventually bursts into homing rockets.
  • R&G Dept. – turns into a pencil. Reloading will flip the weapon from Pencil to Eraser and vice versa.
  • Forge – beam weapon that fires two homing beams of lava in a V-pattern.
  • Bullet Hell – Chamber Gun turns into a homing chain beam that deals high damage.

Of course, you won’t have to worry about how to use the gun on any of these floors if you manage to get your hands on a Master Round, which would then activate the Master’s Chambers Synergy. You can simply lock the Chamber Gun to one of its more powerful modes and get ridiculous damage from the gun on any floor.


The Chamber Gun is definitely up there regarding versatility and overall DPS when it counts the most in Enter the Gungeon. The Chamber Gun can become even stronger if you get a Master Round and activate the Master’s Chamber Synergy in-game.

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