Enter the Gungeon – Gun Muncher

What does the Gun Muncher do in Enter The Gungeon?

Gun Muncher or just Muncher, is a piece of special equipment in Enter the Gungeon that will consume two of your guns in exchange for a new gun with full ammo.

There are two types of Gun Muncher in Enter the Gungeon. The most common type is the Normal Muncher, which consumes two guns and splits out a new gun of the same or better quality than the ones you have offered.

The other type is the Evil Muncher, which will take ten guns in exchange for the Gunslinger’s Ashes. After the Gunslinger’s Ashes is unlocked, the Evil Muncher will take a random number of guns for a 75% chance to get a random A-rank gun, or a 25% chance to get an S-rank gun.

How does the Gun Muncher work in Enter the Gungeon?

The Gun Muncher works by taking two guns and turning them into a new fully loaded gun in Enter the Gungeon.

The normal Gun Muncher will never give out a gun that is of lower quality than both of your offered guns. However, if neither of your offerings was S-rank guns, you have a 5% chance of getting a gun that’s one tier better than the highest quality gun you offered the Gun Muncher.

On the other hand, Evil Munchers will need ten guns before it spits out Gunslinger’s Ashes, which also unlocks the gun in-game. You can keep adding guns to the Evil Muncher in subsequent runs. After the Evil Muncher gives out the Gunslinger’s Ashes, you can continue to feed it a random number of guns for a 75% chance to get an A-rank gun or a 25% chance to get an S-rank gun.

In addition, by offering the Gun Muncher a special combination of guns, you can get one of five Gun Muncher-specific guns in return.

Cold 45

  • 38 Special
  • Colt 1851
  • Devolver
  • Magnum
  • SAA
  • Smiley’srevolver
  • Shades’s Revolver
  • +
  • Crestfaller
  • Freeze Ray
  • Frost Giant
  • Glacier
  • Ice Breaker

Cresent Crossbow

  • Crossbow
  • Shotbow
  • Triple Crossbow
  • +
  • Hexagun
  • Staff of Firepower
  • Unicorn Horn
  • Witch Pistol

Machine Fist

  • Flame Hand
  • Megahand
  • +
  • AK-47
  • M16
  • MAC10
  • Machine Pistol


  • Flame Hand
  • Megahand
  • Machine Fist
  • +
  • Gamma Ray
  • Plague Pistol
  • Plunger
  • Rattler
  • Shotgrub


  • Bee Hive
  • +
  • RPG

How to Use the Gun Muncher in Enter The Gungeon?

You have to feed the Gun Muncher two guns of any rank. Doing so will give you a different gun with full ammo. The rank of the new gun will be based on the rank of both guns you fed the Gun Muncher.

Unfortunately, the Gun Muncher will not accept guns with infinite ammo like the Gunther, Casey, and Dueling laser, or any of the Gungeoneer’s starting weapons, and feeding the Gun Muncher a Duct Taped gun will only count as one gun.

It might be best to offer the Gun Muncher two guns of close ranks so you can predict the rank of the new gun. For example, if you offer the Gun Muncher a D-rank and an A-rank gun, you might get something in between, like a B-rank gun, for example.

If one of your guns is low on ammo, you can use the Gun Muncher to get a new gun with full ammo.


It’s easy to get loads of guns that you won’t end up using in the Gungeon. These guns will take precious space in your inventory that you can use for more valuable items or guns as you go deeper into the Gungeon.

With the help of the Gun Muncher, you reduce the number of guns you’re carrying and still get a decent gun of the same rank. You can get any of the five unique Gun Muncher guns by combining any two of the compatible guns in the list above.

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