Enter the Gungeon – Gunther

What does the Gunther do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Gunther is an S-rank gun that evolves with every room you clear in the Gungeon. The semiautomatic gun has infinite ammo but only has 15 bullets per magazine. DPS for the Gunther increases significantly through each of its evolutions. At Stage 1, 2, and 3, the Gunther deals 34.6 DPS, 51.9 DPS, and 69.2 DPS, respectively.

Gunther’s bullets also change depending on which stage it is currently in. In the First Stage, the Gunther will fire piercing bullets that deal 6 damage each. In the Second Stage, the Gunther will shoot bullets that deal 9 damage, pierces enemies, and bounces twice. In its Third and final stage, Gunther will shoot bullets that deal 12 damage and home in on the nearest enemy.

Is the Gunther a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Gunther is arguably the most powerful gun in Enter the Gungeon. It possesses an unbeatable combination of ammo size (infinite), fire rate, reload speed, and DPS, which make it a destructive force at just about any stage of the Gungeon.

Some players will even go as far as to say the Gunther can guarantee an automatic win in any Gungeon run with this gun in your inventory.

Best Synergy for the Gunther in Enter The Gungeon

The Gunther is already overpowered as it is, so the devs saw it fit to not give the Gunther any Synergies that could potentially make the game too easy to complete.

With that said, passive items such as the Crutch can greatly improve Gunther’s ability to home in on enemies (Stage 3)

How to Use the Gunther in Enter The Gungeon?

Using the Gunther is fairly simple in Enter the Gungeon, all you have to do is mindlessly shoot at any enemy that moves in rooms around the Gungeon. The Gunther has infinite ammo, so it makes a ton of sense to spam the gun as often as you can to keep your DPS up.

You don’t have to do anything special to make the Gunther stronger as well, as it automatically becomes stronger the more rooms you clear in the Gungeon. The Gunther’s piercing bullets at the First Stage already deal decent damage, and it will only get even better as you max out the gun later in your run.

One trick that’s worth trying is smashing the “Fire” button after dodge rolling. This will cause The Gunther to shoot all its bullets much faster. This trick can be great for dealing quick damage to stronger enemies post-dodge roll. Boss fights are one scenario that stands out.


The Gunther is considered by many Enter the Gungeon players as the most overpowered gun in the game for a good reason – the Gunther’s high DPS, quick reload time, lightning-fast fire rate, and infinite ammo will make any player an unstoppable force in the Gungeon.

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