How to Complete the Secrets of The Cube Quest in Lost Ark

What is the Secrets of The Cube Quest?

The Secrets of The Cube is a Level 1 Roster Quest in Lost Ark. It is part of a 3-quest chain quest that unlocks the Cube event and various rewards.

Mephito wants to uncover the secrets of the Cube to study dimensions. I should collect fragments of Cubes, known as “Arcane Cubes.”

Secrets of The Cube is the unlock quest for the Cube event in Lost Ark. Unlocking the Secrets of the Cube requires completing two other quests, a challenging hide-and-seek mechanic, a Chaos Dungeon run, and sailing to and from Distorted Island.

Where to find Secrets of The Cube?

You can find the Secrets of The Cube quest on Distorted Island. Look for Distorted Island in the Wall of Procyon, north of Rethramis in Lost Ark. You can sail to Distorted Island anytime as the Admission Period for the island is Always, and the Recommended Item Level is a low 460.

Look for NPC Dimension Walker Mephito on the island and talk to him to get the Secrets of The Cube quest. The Secrets of the Cube quest is the final quest on the Distorted Island questline, so you’ll need to complete two prerequisite quests to start the quest.

Distorted Island will look very similar to Wisdom Isle, with the only difference being the locked main entrance in the front of the mansion. You can enter the mansion through the sides only.

How to Start and Complete the Secrets of The Cube Quest

As mentioned, you must complete two prerequisite quests on Distorted Island to unlock the Secrets of The Cube quest. The island quest chain involves a mini hide-and-seek mechanic around the quest-giver NPC, Dimension Walker Mephito, making starting the quests on Distorted Island challenging.

Nevertheless, completing the first two quests is straightforward and can be completed in minutes. After you complete the first two quests, you will receive the Secrets of The Cube quest from Mephito, which you can then start at any major city in the game.

Finding Timer Walker Mephito

Mephito moves to a different spot in the mansion after every encounter. Each time you enter a room in the mansion, Dimension Walker Mephito will simultaneously move to a random room, so finding him a second or third time will be challenging. Unfortunately, there’s no trick you can use to speed up this part of the chain quest, so you’ll have to keep entering rooms until you and Mephito end up in the same room.

The good news is that rooms in the mansion are linear and lead you from point A to point B, with only the entrances and exits changing every time. There’s no guesswork involved in finding Mephito – keep moving from one room to another, and you’ll eventually catch him in a random spot in a random room.

Dimensional Distortion and Divining Distortion Quest

When you finally find him in one of the rooms, talk to him to start the two prerequisite quests – Dimensional Distortion and Divining the Distortion.

The first quest is easy – keep moving from room to room to find Mephito. Talk to him three times to complete the quest.

Divining the Distortion, on the other hand, requires you to investigate two items in the mansion – A time-flowing hourglass and a broken hourglass. This one is easy as both hourglasses are hard to miss. Refer to the image below to get a good idea of what the hourglasses look like.

Interact with both hourglasses to check them off the quest objectives. After which, find the stone tablet and read it.

After you read the stone tablet, find Mephito again to complete the Divining the Dimension quest. After this quest, you will receive the Secrets of the Cube quest from Mephito.

Secrets of The Cube

With both prerequisite quests complete, Mephito will give you the Secrets of the Cube quest, where he will ask you to find Arcane Cubes. To do this, you must enter the Cube event in any major city in Lost Ark.

However, before you can enter the Cube, you must acquire a Cube Entrance Ticket. You can get the Entrance Ticket as an RNG drop from completing a Chaos Dungeon run or purchase it using Bloodstones at Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange.

Once you have the Cube Entrance Ticket, head to any major city like Vern Castle and look for the Cube. Enter it and obtain an Arcane Cube from a Bronze chest or better. After which, return to Distorted Island and talk to Mephito one last time to complete the Secrets of the Cube quest.

Secrets of The Cube Rewards

Secrets of The Cube is a quest you’ll want to complete to collect as many Island Tokens as possible. Below are all the rewards you can expect from Secrets of The Cube.

  • 190 Roster XP
  • 40,000 Silver
  • 3x Creation Fragment (Epic)
  • 2x Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack
  • Distorted Island Soul


Despite the mini hide-and-seek mechanic around the quest-giver NPC Mephito, completing the Secrets of the Cube prerequisites is easy. The Secrets of the Cube quest itself is also easy to complete, only requiring you to enter the Cube, acquire a bronze chest, and then return and talk to Mephito on Distorted Island to complete the quest.

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