Woeful Drylands Island Guide Lost Ark

Where is Woeful Drylands?

Woeful Drylands can be found in the North Luterran Sea in Lost Ark. Bring up the World Map and look at the north end of Luterram, and just above Ozhorn Hill will be a small patch of Sandstorm Seas; within it should be Woeful Drylands.

You can visit Woeful Drylands anytime as the Admission Period is Always, and the Recommended Item Level is a very low 250 only. Woeful Drylands is one of six Guardian maps alongside Foggy Ridge, Scarred Crimson Lands, and Frost Haven.

A dry land with desolate stormy wind. The sound of the shearing wind comes like a scream.

What to do on Woeful Drylands?

In line with the island’s desolate state, you won’t find an Island Soul or Mokoko Seeds on Woeful Drylands. There are, however, plenty of Guardian Raid-related quests on Woeful Drylands, as this is where Guardian Investigator Luna resides.

Guardian Raid quests you’ll find on the island include:

  • [Raid] Chromanium (Requires [Subjugation] Vertus)
  • [Investigation] Nacrasena (Requires [Subjugation] Chromanium
  • [Raid] Nacrasena
  • [Investigation] Alberhastic (Requires [Subjugation] Levanos)
  • [Subjugation] Alberhastic
  • [Investigation] Deskaluda (Requires [Subjugation] Alberhastic
  • [Subjugation] Deskaluda
  • [Investigation] Night Fox Yoho
  • [Subjugation] Night Fox Yoho

Woeful Drylands Rewards

The rewards you can get from completing quests on Woeful Drylands consist mostly of battle items such as bombs and grenades, alongside Vitality Increase Potions, Gold, and some Courage stats.

  • Corrosive Bomb (Bound) x6
  • Whirlwind Grenade (Bound) x6
  • Destruction Bomb (Bound) x1221
  • Sacred Charm (Bound) x6
  • Pheromone Bomb (Bound) x12
  • Vitality Increase Potion
  • Gold x700
  • Courage +6

Where to find the Hidden Guardian Raid quest in Lost Ark

As you go through the main questline in North Vern, you will come across Guardian Raid-related quests starting with a quest called Find the Guardian. After completing Find the Guardian and going through some more main questline missions, you will eventually meet Anabel at the Adventurer’s Guild. Anabel will give you the Runaway Investigator quest, where you must go to Foggy Ridge and look for Guardian Investigator Luna, who will then ask you to find the Guardian Lumerus.

After you beat Lumerus and complete the quest on Foggy Ridge, the Guardian Raid questline will come to an abrupt halt, and if you weren’t paying attention to the dialogue with Guardian Investigator Luna, you’d likely have no idea where to go next.

In the dialogue with Guardian Investigator Luna, she will ask you to meet her someplace extremely cold. The place she’s referring to is Frost Haven, where you’ll find two more Guardians you must beat to progress in the Guardian Raid questline.


Like most of the Guardian islands in Lost Ark, Woeful Drylands will have little to no content, other than Guardian Raid-specific quests. There is no Island Soul/Token to collect nor are there Mokoko Seeds you can pick up and add to your collection on the Island.

Nevertheless, you will find yourself on Woeful Drylands a couple of times as you progress through Guardian Raid-related content, as this is where you’ll fight against Chromanium and Nacrasena later in the Guardian Raid questline.

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