What is the Maximum Party Size in Lost Ark

What is a Party for?

A party is a group of players who group up to take on content in Lost Ark. Parties can take on quests, dungeons, and other content in the game. You can join, leave, and even kick members (party leader only) when you’re in a party.

While much of Lost Ark’s content can be completed solo, completing some PvE events, such as dungeons and raids, can sometimes be much easier when you have other players to work with. However, to account for the increased number of players taking on events, enemy difficulty in Lost Ark will increase or decrease accordingly relative to your party size.

How many people can be at a party in Lost Ark?

The maximum party size in Lost Ark is four players. With four players, you can cover content such as Chaos Dungeons, Void Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Cube, Boss Rush, etc.

More challenging content, such as some Abyss Raids, will require two parties consisting of four players for a total of eight players. But while these two parties must work together to clear the Dungeon, party members can only support other players within their party with their skills and items.

What is the party size for Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons?

The party size for Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark is 1-4 players. You can enter Chaos Dungeons solo or join a party consisting of four players in total.

Entering Chaos Dungeons solo is the best way to go in most cases, as it is easier to aggro mobs and kill them when you’re playing alone. Moreover, enemy HP in Chaos Dungeons scales with party size, so more players make it more difficult to kill enemies.

How many people are needed for a raid in Lost Ark?

You will need 4-8 players depending on the specific type of raid you want to take on in Lost Ark. Guardian Raids and other PvE content typically only require a party consisting of four players. Abyss Raids, on the other hand, can require up to two parties consisting of four players each, for a total of eight participants.

With that said, there is only one Abyss Raid right now, and that is the Argos raid which requires eight players to start. Most of the PvE content in the game right now can be started solo or as a party of four players.


The maximum party size in Lost Ark varies depending on the content you’re looking to participate in. Most PvE content can be done solo or with a party of four players, while other more challenging content, such as Abyss Raids, will require two parties for a total of eight players.

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