Locations of All Starlight Isle Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

Where is Starlight Isle?

Starlight Isle is located in the Credos Ocean just east of the shore of Pleccia. You can sail to Starlight Isle as soon as you receive your first ship in the game, as the island’s Admission Period is Always, and the Recommended Item Level is a very low 250.

Starlight Isle is a small island with a lighthouse and a hut. The moonlit reeds are swaying in the wind.

Starlight Isle Mokoko Seed Locations

There are only two Mokoko Seeds on Starlight Isle. The good news is that you can collect both Mokoko Seeds on the island if you know where to find them. The seeds aren’t locked behind hidden areas on the island as well, so finding them should be straightforward.

Once you’re on Starlight Isle, travel on foot toward the eastern end of the island. You will find both Mokoko Seeds in this area, with Mokoko Seed #1 located in the eastern and Mokoko Seed #2 in the southern end of the island. Refer to the images below to find both Mokoko Seeds on Starlight Isle.

Are Mokoko Seeds worth collecting in Lost Ark?

Mokoko Seeds are worth collecting in Lost Ark. Collecting Mokoko Seeds won’t cost you any in-game money, and you can get valuable rewards after you collect a specific number of seeds in-game.

Some of the most valuable items you can get for collecting Mokoko Seeds include Virtue Potions, Stat Potions, Stronghold Crew Application Forms, and Ship Blueprints.

Where do I turn in Mokoko Seeds?

Talk to Totoma in Mokoko Village and turn in your Mokoko Seeds for valuable rewards.

You can collect your first reward after you collect 50 Mokoko Seeds in the game, with more rewards waiting on intervals of 50 Mokoko Seeds. Collect another 50 Mokoko Seeds then talk to Totoma again to claim your next prize.


With only two Mokoko Seeds on the island, the Starlight Isle Mokoko Seeds are one of the easiest seeds to collect in Lost Ark. And because Starlight Isle is available anytime, you can easily sail to the island as soon as you get your first ship in the game.

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