How to Find Iar Kaya in Lost Ark

Who is Iar Kaya?

Iar Kaya is a powerful boss who appears during an Adventure Island quest in Lost Ark. She is also known as the Mistress of the Deep Sea, who fell in love with the captain of a sailing frigate. However, after the same captain betrayed Iar Kaya, the witch vowed to expel all the inhabitants of the surface world from the open sea.

Iar Kaya is a powerful Level 54 Adventure Island boss with 278,425,488 x15 HP. Beating her solo within the Adventure Island duration is almost impossible, so going in with a group of other players is the only way to defeat the powerful witch.

Where to find Iar Kaya

You can find Iar Kaya during the Adventure Island event on Lagoon Island. Since Lagoon Island is an Adventure Island, you’ll have to check Procyon’s Compass for Lagoon Island’s spawn schedule to enter the island and find Iar Kaya.

Finding Iar Kaya on Lagoon Island shouldn’t be too hard, especially since she is the only boss you’ll find on the island during the Lagoon Island event. Head to Lagoon Island when the island is available in-game and wait a few minutes until the event starts to face the powerful sea witch.

Iar Kaya Rewards

The listed reward for defeating Iar Kaya is just a handful of Silver (around 202-605). Of course, this meager amount of Silver can’t possibly be the reason many players are looking to beat the powerful sea witch. Right? Of course not – most players are after a valuable item called the Epic Skill Rune.

There’s a good chance Iar Kaya will drop the Epic Skill Rune after you defeat her. An Epic Skill Rune significantly improves Skill Meter gain by +30% on skill hit. 30% Identity Meter gain is nothing to scoff at, especially for Identity Meter-dependent classes, such as the Shadowhunter and Sharpshooter.

How often do Field Bosses spawn in Lost Ark?

Field Boss spawn times can differ greatly depending on the Field Boss in question’s total HP and three HP tiers dictate Field Boss spawn times in Lost Ark – Below 10 million HP, 10 to 20 million HP, and over 20 million HP.

For Field Bosses under 10 million HP, expect a short 30-minute respawn time after the boss was last killed. Bosses with 10 to 20 million HP, you’ll have to wait 2 hours after they were last killed. Finally, field bosses with over 20 million HP (also known as Raid Bosses) only spawn on a predetermined schedule between 11 AM and 5 AM on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.


Iar Kaya is the only boss to beat in the Lagoon Island Adventure Island Quest, so finding her on the island shouldn’t be too difficult. The only real challenge in finding Iar Kaya is knowing when she spawns, which you can easily look up by bringing up Procyon’s Compass and checking Lagoon Island spawn times in-game.

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