How to Find Proxima in Lost Ark

Who is Proxima?

Proxima is a mutated plant in North Vern. When Sigmund and his army invaded North Vern, their necromancy polluted the soil and gave birth to Proxima – a hideous carnivorous plant. Proxima is still growing, and the Balankar Rangers are keeping a close eye on it.

Proxima is a Field Boss in Lost Ark. However, unlike other Field Bosses with less than 9-digit HP pools, Proxima has 137,487,500 HP, placing the mutant plant into the Raid Boss category of Field Bosses in the game.

How to find Proxima in Lost Ark

You can find Proxima in Vernese Forest in North Vern between 11 AM and 5 AM on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. As mentioned previously, Proxima belongs to the Raid Boss category of Field Bosses in Lost Ark, which means the mutant plant only spawns at specific schedules dictated by Procyon’s Compass.

To find Proxima, teleport to the Balankar Ranger Headquarters Triport, then use your Mount to travel northwest toward the open area west of Vernese Road. Refer to the image below to find Proxima’s exact spawn location.

How to Beat Proxima

Before you attempt to fight Proxima, make sure you have at least Item Level 725 or your participation in the boss fight won’t count. Moreover, Proxima has tons of HP, 137,487,500 to be exact, so you’ll want the help of other players if you want to take down this powerful mutant plant in time.

Proxima deals big AoE damage, so dodging all red attacks must be your priority. Proxima’s red attacks consist of a root sweep, spike, and poison spray. These attacks come very slowly, so you should have no problems dodging them. Proxima also stays stationary the entire fight, only turning to change targets. This makes Proxima’s red attacks predictable and helps you land your most powerful charge abilities.

One annoying part of the Proxima boss fight you have to take note of is Proxima’s regeneration state, where the boss regains HP and receives less damage than usual.

While Proxima is in this state, focus on taking down Proxima’s roots and other mobs so you don’t receive unnecessary damage from them. Moreover, you are allowed to attack Proxima while it is regenerating. Contrary to popular belief, Proxima will heal the same amount of HP (1.3 Million HP) whether you attack it while it is regenerating or not.

Proxima Field Boss Rewards

Like most Field Bosses in Lost Ark, rewards from completing the Proxima boss fight are randomly selected from a predetermined list of loot. Below are some of the rewards you can expect to get after completing the Proxima fight in Lost Ark.

  • Natural Proxima Skin
  • Magick Necklace
  • Magick Earrings
  • Magick Ring
  • Elemental Earrings
  • Elemental Ring
  • Destruction Stone Fragment
  • Guardian Stone Fragment
  • Star’s Breath (Bound)
  • Epic Ability Stone

As you can see from the list, taking on Proxima can be well worth your time, especially if you’re looking to collect Stone Fragments, Star’s Breath, and Epic Ability Stones.


You’ll want to beat Proxima to complete your North Vern Adventurer’s Tome. Fortunately, you can easily find the Field Boss in the Vernese Forest whenever Proxima is scheduled to appear in-game. Just remember to bring a couple of buddies if you decide to face Proxima, as the Field Boss carries a ton of HP and powerful AoE attacks.

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