How to Get the Gesbroy Island Token in Lost Ark

Where is Gesbroy Island?

Gesbroy Island is in the open sea between the Arutus Sea, Seeker’s Sea, and Great Sea in Lost Ark. You can find the island north of Yorn and west of Punika in Lost Ark.

The Admission Period for the island is Always, and the Recommended Item Level is 600. You can get an Island Soul/Token and nine (9) Mokoko Seeds on Gesbroy Island.

How to Get the Gesbroy Island Token

You can get the Gesbroy Island Token by reaching the maximum reputation on Una’s Daily Task: A Great Beer Snack. A Great Beer Snack is a Gesbroy-specific Una’s Task that requires you to collect an item called Picnic Basket and deliver it to NPC Fryturr.

To get Picnic Baskets, you must participate in the hourly co-op quest on Gesbroy. The Gesbroy co-op quest consists of three different quests – The Secret of the Sweet Beer, The Secret of the Clean Beer, and The Secret of the Savory Beer. Completing each quest will net you around 5 Picnic Baskets. Collect enough of these baskets and give them to Fryturr to complete the Una’s Task.

Like most Una’s Tasks, you can only complete A Great Beer Snack once per day. However, you can participate in the co-op quest that gives out the Picnic Basket as many times as you like, stock up on Picnic Baskets, and return to Gesbroy to complete A Great Beer Snack without going through the co-op quest daily.

How long does it take to complete A Great Beer Snack?

You can only complete A Great Beer Snack once per day. If you visit Gesbroy and turn in the required number of Picnic Baskets daily, you should get maximum reputation on the Una’s Task A Great Beer Snack in around 20 days.

If you have enough time, we recommend you spam the co-op quest on Gesbroy and stock up on as many Picnic Baskets as possible. This way, you won’t have to go through the co-op quests each time you visit the island, and you can head straight to Fryturr and complete A Great Beer Snack for the day.

Can you get the Gesbroy Island Token solo?

You should have no problems getting the Gesbroy Island Token solo, as the quests that give out the Picnic Basket can be completed alone.

While Una’s Task: A Great Beer Snack calls for cooperation with other players, completing the three co-op quests alone is very doable. Each quest gives you just enough time to check off quest objectives even without the help of other players, but you have to take efficient routes to complete the quest objectives before the quest timer runs out.


Collecting the necessary Picnic Basket to complete A Great Beer Snack should be easy since the island co-op quest spawns every hour. Spam the three co-op quests and stock up on enough Picnic Baskets to get max reputation in A Great Beer Snack and acquire the Gesbroy Island Token.

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