How to Get the Respect Emote in Lost Ark

What is the Respect Emote?

The Respect Emote is one of thirty-two unique character actions you can collect and use in Lost Ark. Emotes serve various purposes such as completing quest objectives, increasing Rapport with select NPCs, or expressing yourself in-game through your character.

The Respect Emote will put your character in a kneeling position to show respect to other players or NPCs.

How to Get the Respect Emote

You can get the Respect Emote by advancing the World Quest in North Vern—progress in the World Quest Ealyn’s Gift to receive the Respect Emote reward.

Ealyn’s Gift is one of the last World Quests you’ll receive in North Vern. The quest follows another important quest on North Vern called She Waits, He Leaves, which unlocks Abyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark.

How to Use the Respect Emote

To use the Respect Emote in Lost Ark, press Y on your keyboard, scroll down until you find the Respect Emote in the Interact Menu, then click the Respect Emote icon to use it in-game.

You can also use the Respect Emote without bringing up the Interact Menu. Bring up the Normal Chat box, type in /respect, then press Enter on your keyboard to use the Respect Emote.

If you use the Respect Emote frequently, you might want to register the Emote to a quick slot for easier access. Simply drag and drop the Respect Emote from the Interact Menu to any empty quick slot to register the emote to that slot.

Where do I buy emotes in Lost Ark?

Only four Emotes can be bought in Lost Ark: Cute Emote, Laugh Emote, Roar Emote, and Taunt Emote. You can buy these Emotes from the following locations:

  • Cute Emote – Peyto Island (5,000 Silver)
  • Laugh Emote – Naphtha in Flowering Orchard, East Luterra (6,000 Silver)
  • Roar Emote – Blackfang in Freedom Isle (3,360 Gienah’s Coin)
  • Taunt – Blackfang in Freedom Isle (3,360 Gienah’s Coin)

The Emotes listed above are the only ones you can buy using various currencies in the game. As for the rest of the Emotes in the game, you can unlock these by completing quests, progressing in the Adventurer’s Tome, completing Una’s Tasks, reaching a specific Rapport Level with NPCs, or collecting specific items in the game.


It is only a matter of time before you get your hands on the Respect Emote in Lost Ark. Just progress through the game’s main storyline until you reach North Vern then just work through the World Quests on Vern until you get the quest “Ealyn’s Gift”. Complete Ealyn’s Gift to receive the Respect Emote from Queen Ealyn.

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