How to Get Eibern’s Wound in Lost Ark

What is Eibern’s Wound?

Eibern’s Wound (also known as the Ghost Ship) is one of eight unlockable ships in Lost Ark. It features a game-best base Durability of 4200 and exceptional resistance to Dead Waters and Cold Snap Seas.

Eibern’s Wound is a quick ship in stock trim with a Base Sailing Speed of 18.3 and a Fast Sailing Speed of +9.At max level, Eibern’s Wound can sail at a max speed of 22.6 Knots and have a Durability rating of 7,800. Eibern’s Wound’s other Immunity stats will also grow to the following values:

  • Kelp Beds: +13
  • Sandstorm Seas: +13
  • Siren Seas: +13
  • Cold Snap Seas: +26
  • Tempest Seas: +16
  • Dead Waters +54

How do you get Eibern’s Wound in Lost Ark?

You can get Eibern’s Wound by completing the Bleak Night Fog Una’s Task. Complete the Bleak Night Fog quest twelve times and earn enough Reputation Points to unlock Eibern’s Wound.

You must complete the Wavestrand Port quests and receive your first ship in-game before you can unlock Eibern’s Wound in Lost Ark. After you complete the Wavestrand Port quests, you need to complete North Vern quests ‘A New Voyage’ and ‘Wall or Procyon’ and upgrade your ship to Level 2. When you finish those, head to Rohendel to find the Ghost Ship events in Lost Ark.

Lastly, ensure you get your Item Level up to the required number before you take on Ghost Ship events. There are three different Ghost Ships in the game, and each features a different Item Level requirement:

  • Nightmare Ghost Ship – Item Level 460
  • Shadow Ghost Ship – Item Level 960
  • Tempest Ghost Ship – Item Level 1370

Is Eibern’s Wound a good ship?

Eibern’s Wound is the most durable ship in the game with a Durability rating of 4200. It also boasts exceptional resistance to Dead Waters and Cold Snap Seas.

Eibern’s Wound is a good ship that will safely get you through Dead Waters and Cold Snap Seas in Lost Ark. However, it is far from the best ship you can get in the game. With that said, players will argue that the well-rounded Estoque is the only ship you need in the game, thanks to its balanced resistance to all types of waters in Lost Ark.

Which ship should you invest in Lost Ark?

Spend your money and time upgrading the Estoque, as this ship is the most well-rounded in the game. It boasts above-average resistance to all types of waters and sea conditions, making it a great all-around vessel for all activities in Lost Ark.

The Estoque shouldn’t be too difficult to upgrade as well and you can take the ship’s decent Durability and Resistance to various sea types even further without too much investment.


Eibern’s Wound is unmatched when traveling across Dead Waters and Cold Snap Seas, making it a great ship to add to your fleet in Lost Ark. The good news is that all you have to do is participate in the Bleak Night Fog Una’s Task twelve times to unlock Eibern’s Wound.

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