How to Get Radiant Zagoras Crystals in Lost Ark

What are Radiant Zagoras Crystals?

Radiant Zagoras Crystals are a currency that you can acquire from trades with Merchants in Lost Ark. It is a rare gem that originates from Mount Zagoras.

In the Basics of Stronghold’s Economy quest, you will be required to trade with a merchant at the Stronghold port. The trade mainly involves trading a few seals to get a Radiant Zagoras Crystal. After you complete that quest, the crystal will remain in your inventory.

You will get the chance to trade for Radiant Zagoras Crystals as you complete the Stronghold tutorial.

How to get Radiant Zagoras Crystals?

You can get Radiant Zagoras Crystals from Trade Merchants in your Stronghold. You will need Victory Seals first to get Radiant Zagoras Crystals in Lost Ark.

You will get your first Radiant Zagoras Crystals while you complete the Basics of Stronghold’s Economy quest in Lost Ark. After that quest, the Radiant Zagoras Crystals will remain in your inventory but serve no further purpose in-game.

30 Victory Seals are required to get 1 Radiant Zagoras Crystal. You can also trade Raid Seals for Radiant Zagoras Crystals from another Trade Merchant in your Stronghold.

How to Use Radiant Zagoras Crystals?

Radiant Zagoras Crystals are currently useless in Lost Ark. It does not serve any purpose in-game other than as a reward for completing the Stronghold tutorial quest.

With that said, Radiant Zagoras Crystals might see some use in a future update, as it doesn’t make any sense for Smilegate to add these crystals in the game for no reason. Then again, another useless item in the Book of Demons exists in-game, so Smilegate might just be trolling players with these mysterious items.

Are Radiant Zagoras Crystals worth it?

Radiant Zagoras Crystals are worthless right now. There is nothing you can buy or trade in-game using these Crystals.

Ironically, you need to spend Victory Seals to get Radiant Zagoras Crystals, but since Radiant Zagoras Crystals do not have any further use in-game right now, you’re basically wasting Victory Seals to get these Crystals in-game.


There are a few quirky items in Lost Ark that currently serve no purpose in-game – the Radiant Zagoras Crystal is one of them. With that said, the devs spent time adding this item into the game, which means that Radiant Zagoras Crystals might see some use in the future.

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