How to Get to Tortork Seaswept Woods in Lost Ark

What is Tortoyk Seaswept Woods?

Tortoyk Seaswept Woods is a small region found in Tortoyk Island in Lost Ark. It is one of five regions in Tortoyk Island and is home to unique monsters, hidden stories, and collectibles.

Seaswept Woods is where you’ll find Currently Away – the first in a 4-part quest in Tortoyk. You can get this mission from Dakudaku in Seaswept Woods. Aside from Currently Away, you will find two hidden stories in Seaswept Woods: Cowl’s Moving Lacarok and Road to Becoming a Naruni Expert.

Where is Tortoyk Seaswept Woods located?

You can find Seaswept Woods in the Singing Sea East of East Luterra and the southeastern part of Tortoyk Island. You can’t miss Seaswept Woods, as the area is one of the first areas you’ll explore when you visit Tortoyk Island.

Tortoyk Seaswept Woods is a small area within Tortoyk Island in Lost Ark, similar to Travelers Nook or Loghill Outpost in Loghill in Rethramis.

Knowing Seaswept Woods’ location will come in handy as you’ll need to ferry customers to this location in the Una’s Task called Ride Like the Wind.

How to get to Tortoyk Seaswept Woods?

You can get to Tortoyk Seaswept Woods by simply sailing to Tortork Island in Lost Ark. Tortoyk Seaswept Woods is the starting point of the island, so you should see it the moment you land on the island.

If you’re having problems finding Tortoyk Island, bring up your map and look for Pleccia. Look for a small island toward the south of Pleccia, and you should spot Toryotk Island. If you still can’t find Seaswept Woods, just look for an island west of Anikka.

Tortoyk Seaswept Woods Collectibles

You will find three Collectibles in Seaswept Woods – two Vistas and a cooking collectible called the Honeycomb.

You can find the first Vista in the Cashew Tree Forest area. You can find the second Vista in the Wildflower Garden near the base of a Cashew Tree. Interact with these two Vistas to add them to your Adventurer’s Tome. You will also find the Honeycomb in Wildflower Garden. Head south and look for a purple flower bed to find the Honeycomb.

Oliver the Wandering Merchant will also randomly spawn in Seaswept Woods. You can get the following items from him.

  • Mokoko Carrot
  • Oversize Ladybug Doll
  • Round Glass Piece
  • Shy Wind Flower Pollen
  • Egg of Creation Card
  • Eolh Card
  • Mokamoka Card


Seaswept Woods is impossible to miss in Lost Ark as it is the first area you’ll encounter when you visit Tortoyk Island. Just sail to Tortoyk Island like you normally would on any other island in the game, and you should find the Seaswept Woods almost instantly.

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