How to Get the Vairgrys Island Token in Lost Ark

Where is Vairgrys Nest?

Vairgrys’s Nest is located in the Platina Ocean in the South Rimeria region in Lost Ark. You can find the island in a small patch of Tempest Seas southeast of Luterra or southwest of Anikka.

Vairgrys’s Nest has a Recommended Item Level of 635, and the Admission Period for the island is Always. The island is known to be the sanctum of Vairgrys, the leader of the Guardians in Lost Ark. Vairgrys took up residence in Vargrys’s Nest after waking up from a deep slumber.

How to Get the Vairgrys Nest Island Token

You can get the Vairgrys’s Nest Island Token by completing the purple quest Golden Light Glittering in the Wind on Elgacia. But to get the Golden Light Glittering in the Wind quest, you must complete the Prayer to God questline in Elgacia first.

While the questline itself is pretty straightforward, the list of prerequisite quests you must complete before you can enter Elgacia is a long one.

Before anything else, you’ll have to complete the entire Vern questline and have at least Item Level 1460 before you can take on the purple quest The Gate of Paradise Opens that unlocks Elgacia. While you can easily find The Gate of Paradise Opens in Vern Castle, the quest will not appear until you complete the quests listed below.

  • To the Sound
  • Blue-Blazing Blade
  • Tabula Rasa

After you complete these three quests, the quest The Gate of Paradise Opens should become available in Vern Castle. Follow the questline until you get to the World Quest Paradise of the Dreamless. Paradise of the Dreamless is your key to getting to Elgacia, as this quest gives you the ability to resonate with Albion and move to Elgacia.

Who is Vairgrys in Lost Ark?

Vairgrys is a dragon-like being and the first Guardian in Lost Ark, who was created when the Primal Ark fused with Igharam’s chaos. Vaigrys then split some of his power into several Guardians to seal Arkseia from the Demon Realm back in the Dimension War.

As one of the first Guardians, Vargrys is one of the most powerful beings in Lost Ark, especially considering all other Guardians in Lost Ark were created from just a fraction of his power.

Vairgrys Mokoko Seeds Locations

There’s honestly not that much content to cover on Vairgrys Nest Island, as the Island Token acquisition process happens in a different zone, and there are no quests or hidden stories to complete on the island.

With that said, you will find three Mokoko Seeds on the island. The best part is that all three Mokoko Seeds are sitting in the open, just waiting to be collected. Here are their locations:

Vairgrys’s Nest Mokoko Seeds

Secret Area Entrance

  • You can find the first Mokoko Seed in some bushes under the large tree along the main pathway.
  • Mokoko Seed #2 can be found in a secret area in the eastern end of the island. Refer to the image above to find the secret area entrance.
  • The last Mokoko Seed can be found in some bushes near the northmost end of the island.


Getting the Vairgrys Nest Island Token will happen naturally as you complete the Vern questline and move on to the Elgacia questline in Lost Ark. Complete the Vern questline, and make sure you have Item Level 1460 first so you can get the purple quest that leads to Elgacia.

Once you have Elgacia unlocked, all that’s left is to progress through Elgacia content until you get to the purple quest Golden Light Glittering in the Wind. Complete Golden Light Gliterring in the Wind to get the Vairgrys Nest Island Token.

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