How to Unlock the Mari Rapport in Lost Ark

Who is Mari?

Mari is a genius scientist from Arthetine who, alongside her boss, Technologist Krause, is notorious for causing the Verdantier incident. She is also a Rapport NPC and the storekeeper of a secret shop named after her – Mari’s Secret Shop.

In Lost Ark, you can extend and build relationships with select characters through a game mechanic called Rapport. By giving certain characters specific items or by doing specific actions, you can build relationships with these characters and receive valuable rewards.

Mari is an important Rapport NPC in Lost Ark, as you can get valuable endgame items like the Eternity Isle Token, Vitality Increase Potion, and an Epic Skill rune from completing specific levels of Rapport with her.

Where to Find Mari?

You can find Mari on Eternity Isle – an island within a small patch of Sandstorm seas northeast of Rohendel, southeast of Feiton, and northeast of Vern.

You can sail to Eternity Isle anytime since the Admission Period for the island is Always. Just make sure you have at least Item Level 805 so you won’t have trouble dealing with the monsters on the island.

Once you’re on Eternity Isle, head to the northernmost end of the island. Mari should be somewhere in the ruins area.

How to Unlock the Mari Rapport in Lost Ark

You must complete the Folded and Unfolded quest and reach 170 points on your Charisma, Courage, Wisdom, and Kindness Virtues to unlock Rapport with Mari in Lost Ark.

You can find the Folded and Unfolded quest on Eternity Isle. Start the island quest chain by talking to Dr. Callanin at the southeastern end of the island.

Complete the three prerequisite quests, The Secret Gates, Mysterious Ruins, and Exploring the Mysterious Ruins, to unlock Folded and Unfolded. Complete Folded and Unfolded to check off one of the requirements for the Mari Rapport unlock.

With Folded and Unfolded completed, all that’s left is to farm your Charisma, Courage, Wisdom, and Kindness Virtues. Take note that you need at least 170 points on each of these stats to START a Rapport with Mari. You’ll have to farm even more Virtue points (220) to get past Amicable Stage 1 and have at least 300 points to get past Friendly Stage 1.

Getting 170 points on your Virtue stats will take some time, but you can build these stats consistently by completing Quests, clearing Adventure Tome objectives, using Virtue Potions, and clearing Achievements. Some Skins also increase Virtues by a significant amount, so it might be worth investing in those to speed up your Virtue farm.

How much Rapport does it take to reach Trusted with Mari in Lost Ark?

You will need a total of 136,700 points to reach Trusted status with Mari in Lost Ark. To be more specific, you’ll need 34,000 Rapport Points after Friendly – Level 3 to reach Trusted with the genius scientist from Arthetine.

Like most Rapport NPCs in Lost Ark, you can use Rapport Songs, Emotes, or give NPCs Rapport Gifts to increase your Rapport points with them. For Mari, you can use the Romantic Weapon and Song of Eternity or the Sway and Wave Dance Emote. If you opt to give Mari Rapport Gifts, you can


The Mari Rapport is one of the most difficult to unlock in Lost Ark, primarily due to the steep Virtue requirements, which require 170 points on your Charisma, Courage, Wisdom, and Kindness Virtues.

The good news is you can easily check off the quest requirements to unlock the Mari Rapport by completing the Eternity Isle quest chain. After you complete the island chain quest, you can start slowly building your Virtue stats by completing Quests, clearing Adventure Tome objectives, using Virtue Potions, or completing various achievements in the game.

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