Nia Rapport Skip Guide Lost Ark

Who is Nia?

Nia is a non-playable character and a Rapport NPC in Lost Ark. She is one of many characters you can interact with and even build a relationship with through Rapport. Despite her young age, Nia is already the chief of Punika and the leader of the Nias. She is also Mistress Khalia’s pupil and the proud mistress of Papaya’s ermine.

Nia is one of many NPCs that players will want to reach Trusted Rapport with as soon as possible, due to the valuable rewards that await at the end of your Rapport journey with the chief of Punika. You can get a Charisma Potion and Omnium Star, alongside Ancient Platinum Coins, 100-Gold Coins, a Nia Card, and a Stat Increase Potion for reaching Trusted Rapport with Nia.

How to Skip the Nia Rapport in Lost Ark

Skipping the Nia Rapport in Lost Ark is easy, as all you have to do is collect a set of Rapport Gifts and give them to Nia in one go – it’s that simple.

But before you reach the gift-giving session, you’ll first have to build your Rapport with Nia normally through Rapport Songs and Emotes. You can do this by playing the Heavenly Harmony and Song of Harmony or by using the Lailai Emote. Build your Rapport with Nia using Songs and Emotes until you reach 3000-3299 Rapport Points. DO NOT go over 3299 or you’ll fail the Rapport skip.

After you reach 3000-3299 Rapport Points with Nia, stop doing Rapport with her and start collecting any of the fifteen (15) Legendary Rapport Gifts listed below.

  • Angler’s Fishing Pole
  • Chain War Chronicles
  • Surprise Chest
  • Sylvain Queens’ Blessing
  • Oreha Viewing Stone
  • Sirius’s Holy Book
  • Sky Reflection Oil
  • Fargar’s Beer

The items listed above all increase Rapport Points by 2000, so using 15x of these items will work.

With that said, you’ll be better off collecting 15x Chain War Chronicles, as this is arguably the easiest of the bunch to collect and acquire. You can get the Chain War Chronicles Rapport Gift from 3 Travelling Merchants in Luterra, the Rapport Vendor, or the East Luterra Adventurer Tome (60% completion).

Once you have 15x of the Chain War Chronicles, all that’s left is to head to Nia and give all 15x of the same Rapport Gift in one go. This will let you jump from Friendly 1 to Trusted in one Rapport session, essentially skipping the insane Virtue requirement after Friendly 1.

Is it worth skipping Nia Rapport?

The Nia Rapport skip is something you’ll want to do if you want to complete the Nia Rapport in a reasonable amount of time. If you do not opt for the Nia Rapport skip, it will take an insane amount of time to reach Trusted with Nia after reaching Friendly 1 due to the high Wisdom and Kindness virtues you’ll need past 9499 Points at Friendly Level 1.

Fortunately, the Nia Rapport skip process is simple and easy, making it worth both the time and effort. You’ll want to skip the Nia Rapport as soon as possible, especially if you’re looking to collect all the Omnium Stars in the game.

How do I get Trusted with Nia?

Getting Trusted Rapport with Nia requires a total of 77,150 Rapport Points. You’ll need 19,000 Rapport Points after reaching Friendly – Level 3 to reach Trusted with Nia.

Trusted Rapport is the final stage of your relationship with Nia in Lost Ark. You can reach this stage by using Rapport Songs (Heavenly Harmony and Song of Harmony) and Emotes (Lailai) or by giving Nia Rapport Gifts such as Liebeheim’s Rose or Vern’s Founding Coin.


The Nia Rapport skip will allow you to reach Trusted Rapport with Nia quickly and net you the Omnium Star #3 as a reward. The whole process is fairly straightforward with the only challenge being the number of Rapport Gifts you need to collect before continuing your Rapport with Nia between Rapport Points 3000-3299. Follow the guide outlined above to successfully skip the Nia Rapport and collect the Omnium Star as a reward.

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