Ratik Quest Guide Lost Ark

What is the Ratik Quest?

The Ratik Quest is a World Quest you can find in Rothun in Lost Ark. Ratik can be found in the Rohendel questline as part of the game’s main storyline.

Ratik gained a lot of popularity online due to a bug that prevented players from receiving this quest even after they had completed the quest’s prerequisites. A patch has already fixed the issue.

How do you complete the Ratik Quest in Lost Ark?

Complete the Ratik Quest by going to Sunkeep and talking to NPC Inanna. Inanna will ask you to travel to Trixion using the Song of Trixion to entrust The Ark of Wisdom, Ratik, with Beatrice.

After you’ve left the Ark in Beatrice’s care, head back to Sunkeep and talk to Azena. Azena will talk to you about why she and Inanna decided to keep Rohendel isolated from the world, and how King Luterra offered his aid to the people of Rohendel.

After the short cutscene between the player and Azena, talk to Azena again to complete the Ratik quest in Lost Ark.

Ratik Quest Rewards

The Ratik quest offers a ton of rewards such as XP, Stone Fragments, Leapstones, Silver, and more. Here is a complete list of rewards you can expect to get from completing the Ratik quest in Lost Ark.

  • 103,000 XP
  • 1,508 Roster XP
  • 18x Destruction Stone Fragment (Bound)
  • 35x Guardian Stone Fragment (Bound)
  • 6x Harmony Leapstone (Bound)
  • 218x Silver
  • 54x Harmony Shard

Should I do all the side quests in Lost Ark?

While Side Quests don’t add much to Lost Ark’s main storyline, most of these simple quests offer valuable rewards that can come in handy later in the game, so it’s worth doing these side quests when you have the time for them.

With that said, there’s no reason to do side quests if all you’re going for is getting to Level 50 as soon as possible. Skipping all the Side Quests in Lost Ark will help speed up your progress to the endgame and open up a ton of new content. The rewards you can get from endgame activities can help make your character much stronger and speed up side quests if you decide to do them later in the game.


The Ratik quest is the culmination of the Rohendel Storyline in Lost Ark. You only really need to talk to Inanna, head to Trixion and talk to Beatrice, then head back to Sunkeep and talk to Azana to complete this quest, making it a straightforward quest that you can complete after clearing the quest’s prerequisites.

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