Yorn Questline Guide Lost Ark

Where can you find Yorn?

You can find Yorn in the southwestern end of World Map in Lost Ark, north of the Voldis rainforest, west of Punika, and south of Rohendel. You can sail to Yorn after you obtain Item Level 600 and complete the guide quest “Onwards to Yorn”.

Yorn is a country built underground by the Umars to avoid the barren surface and obtain the resources of the land more efficiently. Yorn, a land in which environmental hardships are circumvented by crafting skills, has been refined over a long period to create its present majestic appearance.

All Story Missions on Yorn

There are 43 Main Story Missions to complete on Yorn. Below is the full list.

  • Yorn’s Cradle
  • The Trouble With Being Famous
  • The Beginning
  • Vital Information
  • To the Great Castle
  • To the Really Great Castle
  • True Brilliance
  • The Great Castle’s Sun
  • The Delinquent Employee
  • Rocket Boots Delivery
  • Rise and Shine
  • To the Unfinished Garden
  • Super Umar Brothers
  • To the Mine car
  • Needed repairs
  • Purify the Contaminated Area
  • Trouble in the Water Tank
  • What Lies in the Past
  • Preparations for a Journey
  • A Letter from an Old Friend
  • Black Anvil Mine
  • Saving Nupen
  • After the Quake
  • The Cause of the Earthquake
  • The Lost Fjorgin
  • Burning Mine
  • To the Wonderful Brewery
  • Find the Great Seal
  • The Spreading Tremor
  • What Caused the Earthquakes
  • The True Cause
  • Covering All the Basics
  • Hot Stuff. Dynamite
  • The Real Culprit
  • Awakened At Last
  • To the Forbidden Area
  • Ancestral Homeland
  • A Sense of Duty
  • The Sleepless Souls
  • With the Ancestors
  • To the Ark of Arrogance
  • Stop Velcruze
  • The Final Report

How long does it take to complete the Yorn questline?

There are a total of 83 Quests on Yorn, but you should be able to complete all the Main Story content on the continent in around 2-3 hours of playtime. The Main Story Missions on Yorn are fairly straightforward, and even if you decide to do all the side quests, you should be able to complete the continent in less than 3 hours.

A huge chunk of the estimated time will be spent completing the two dungeons on Yorn – Wonderful Brewery and the Ark of Arrogance. In the Wonderful Brewery, you’ll spend around 15 minutes running around drunk while chasing chickens around a brewery. The Ark of Arrogance, on the other hand, will take a bit longer as the dungeon leads to another Ark fragment.

Can you skip continents in Lost Ark?

You can skip some continents in Lost Ark. Some continents can be unlocked by simply reaching the continent’s required Item Level and completing the guide quest that leads to each respective continent.

Rohendel, for example, can be skipped when you reach Item Level 600 on your character. Once you reach Item Level 600, you can jump straight to Yorn after you complete the guide quest “Onwards to Yorn”. Feiton is another continent that you can skip in Lost Ark. If you can reach Item Level 1100 on your character, you can also skip Feiton.


Yorn’s entire questline consists of 43 Main Story missions you must complete to move on to the next continent in Lost Ark. Despite the seemingly long list of quests on the continent, completing the Yorn Questline should only take around 2-3 hours, even if you decide to complete some side quests along the way.

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