PS5 Backwards Compatibility Confirmed

By | 15/07/2020

  Statements from system architect Mark Cerny suggest that almost full PS5 backwards compatibility confirmed before release. One of the most concerning issues whenever a new generation console is released is whether your last-gen games can be played on them. Whether it’s for nostalgic reasons or you just don’t want to feel that you have… Read More »

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Watch Dogs 2 PS Now Available for a Limited Time

By | 08/07/2020

  The growing list of games now includes the blockbuster Watch Dogs 2 PS Now game as well as Street Fighter V and Hello Neighbor. Released in 2016, the game was developed and published by Ubisoft and is a sequel to 2014’s Watch Dogs. The sequel moves the action across to the other side of… Read More »

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Evo 2020 Canceled Amid Assault Charges Against President

By | 06/07/2020

  Online tournament Evo 2020 canceled due to charges against recently fired President Joey Cuellar. Note: This article references sexual misconduct and may contain upsetting content. Because of the allegations against Mr. Ceullar, game developers have pulled their games from the tournament. The cancellation of popular games such as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter in… Read More »

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PS Plus July 2020 Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

By | 01/07/2020

  There are three free games this month as PS Plus July 2020 celebrates ten years of the online service. Ten years ago PS Plus was launched as a part of Sony’s online gaming ambitions. While the service isn’t free and is required to play some games, Sony has kept gamers incentivized to subscribe by… Read More »

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DLC Hellraid for Dying Light Coming Soon

By | 29/06/2020

  Originally planned as a new game development it was canceled and Hellraid for Dying Light was born. Set amongst a medieval-style demonic realm of monsters you must fight your way out of a guarded stronghold. The fortress has been overrun by an undead army. The game is in stark contrast to Dying Light’s more… Read More »

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New Online Pokemon MMORPG Game Announced

By | 26/06/2020

  The Pokemon Company has received mixed emotions towards their latest online Pokemon MMORPG title. Pokemon Unite has been officially announced with a surprise trailer from Nintendo. The new game is essentially a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena style RPG set in the world of Pokemon. The new game is a new take on Pokemon and… Read More »

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Nintendo Gamers Confused by Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC

By | 22/06/2020

  Nintendo has started a customer service dialog for gamers who purchase the wrong Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC. Many Nintendo and Pokemon fans are buying the wrong DLC and are having to be directed to Nintendo customer support. While Nintendo has a tough “no refunds” policy concerning the purchase of DLC, they are seemingly… Read More »

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What Does PS5 Look Like? Games, Accessories and Design Revealed

By | 12/06/2020

  The official PlayStation 5 reveal has happened and you may be wondering, What does PS5 look like? PS5 games, accessories and the final design have finally been announced. Originally planned for June 4, the PlayStation 5 “Future of Gaming” event was canceled amid the events in the United States. The event was then rescheduled… Read More »

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