Lost Ark

Is the Artillerist Any Good?

Artillerist Class in Lost Ark The Artillerist class belongs to the Gunner class in Lost Ark – a class generally known for its high mobility and long-range damage capability. However, unlike the Artillerist’s more mobile counterparts in the Gunslinger and Sharpshooter, the Artillerist trades mobility for sheer firepower and heavy armor. The Artillerist class’ Identity …

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Healers in Lost Ark

Is there a healer character in Lost Ark? There are no dedicated healer classes in Lost Ark, but there are two hybrid classes that can provide some sort of healing to their allies in PvE or PvP – the Bard and Paladin. The Bard is the closest thing to a healer class in Lost Ark …

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